SkillTraxTV Launches Homeschool Athlete Sports Recruiting Platform

September 2015 release of a brand new cutting edge recruiting platform for Homeschool and Christian based school programs has been announced by

Online PR News – 28-August-2015 – EVANS, GEORGIA – The September 2015 release of a brand new cutting edge recruiting platform for Homeschool and Christian based school programs has been announced by's Marketing Director, Daryl Knight.

The system offers parents, coaches and organizations an aggressive tool by which to take total control of their personal or team recruiting. In this release, has put together features never before packaged in the online recruiting category.

"We'd rather be recognized more as a tool or weapon in the arsenal of our members hands than as just another recruiting platform. We want to be more in the background of the recruiting process than in trying to brand the athlete and ourselves at the same time as you see with most all of the other platforms. This is why so many coaches hit the delete button these days", said Knight.

SkillTraxTV CEO and Founder, Coach Pete Meadows added, "Many college coaches have shared with us that they have reached a point where when they see a communication coming from one of these current platforms, they are not giving it the same attention as they may have five, ten years ago. So coaches are actually becoming some what ad blind to their messages. Which not fair to the athletes who are putting their hopes in getting noticed".

The SkillTraxTV technology combines a powerful Direct Send and Direct Tracking software feature which allows athletes, parents and high school coaches to target personal communications with college coaches in their sport of choice. And then later, track the results of each communication sent. The SkillTraxTV system host over 25,000 college coaches within their database of over 25-plus men's and women's collegiate sports and activities band, music and chorus are included too).

The system is the first known platform in which individual athletes and performers are able to specifically target personally selected colleges and coaches. And to deal with the growing coach ad blindness, each communication, although sent from the SkillTraxTV system, is branded and personalized as if coming from the player (which it is), and not the SkillTraxTV brand.

"Coaches are telling us that they want to deal directly with the athlete who is clearly interested in their program. So our system personalizes the entire experience, from start to finish", Knight added.

Coach Meadows also noted, "All of the current and most recognizable recruiting sites send athlete profiles in mass email broadcast. Again, college coaches are deleting many of these because as they've discovered over time, in following up with prospects, that most often the athletes never had an interest in their schools. So now when coaches see these recruiting emails from these mainstream platforms, they just click delete after a quick glimpse".

Knight also points out that the crown jewel of the platform is the newly implemented Virtual Showcase feature. Both Coach Meadows and Knight believe that this is a market place game changer and it will give their users an extreme market place advantage over user of today's most common and over priced systems.

The Virtual Showcase feature is based on streaming real-time game or skill performance video directly into the various coaches viewing options, over a PC or mobile device.

Here a free mobile web app is used which both athletes and college coaches download. It is optional for the coach as they will have various viewing options, but it does offer distinct recruiting advantages. The app is the center piece in providing the real-time event. It allows one-way streaming from the event to the various feeds coaches can view.

Athletes use the SkillTraxTV software in conjunction with the Virtual Showcase process. For example, the software allows the setup of their profile with all its many features, as well as later including a scheduled Virtual Showcase event in their profile calendar. When they are ready to perform live, the can schedule and then send out the targeted notifications to their selected schools. It is seamless, quick and effective.

Effective in that the software's Direct Send Tracking technology is used to track the targeted invites viewing responses. Uses can view any and all college coach communications sent within the specified sport database. The database includes an updated listing of all of the head coaches on all levels for each sport or activity listed.

This allows athletes and high school coaches to personally send scheduled events and then at the specified time, stream these real-time live Virtual Showcase events directly into the college coaches mobile device (and other viewing options).

Knighted noted, "No other recruiting platform has this real-time event feature. And it gives our Homeschool and Christian based programs an advantage."

The software's Direct Send technology allows users the option of sending unlimited messages monthly to coaches. These can be quick updates for changes in the member's profile or for newly updated videos. So users are not relegated to having to just send live real-time stream updates only. Anything newsworthy relating to the athlete, performer, or team can and should be sent. SkillTraxTV also provides a “Best Practices” training guide for use in this regard.

The current sports offered, representing the over 25,000 college coaches database includes Music, Band or Choir, Cheerleading, Men's Baseball, Men's Basketball, Men's Cross Country, Men's Football, Men's Golf, Men's Lacrosse, Men's Soccer, Men's Swimming, Men's Tennis, Men's Track, Men's Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Women's Cross Country, Women's Field Hockey, Women's Golf, Women's Lacrosse, Women's Soccer, Women's Fastpitch Softball, Women's Swimming, Women's Tennis, Women's Track and Women's Volleyball.

SkillTraxTV is initially launching to Christian and Homeschool based families and programs first. This to create a potential advantage for these groups in the market place. They have even gone as far as creating a totally separate sister website at, just for the Homeschool market.

About the Homeschool and Christian based launch Meadows noted, "this approach ties directly into both our personal and company values. Plus, we wanted to create a tool that could do away with the outdated paradigm that suggest that good homeschool athletes have to go back into the public environment to get recruiting exposure. It's just not true. And now we've armed homeschool parents, coaches and smaller programs with a tool no one in the larger public sector has. Perhaps keeping these kids in valued programs that have been a part of their lives for a long time".

Knight added that, "we've also done a great deal to keep our pricing affordable for that single income family. As you may know, many mainstream recruiting sites are more costly, yet still cannot even come close to offering the features which are found in our Homeschool version. We want to be a blessing and a trusted go to source for these folks as well".

And it's not just their opinion. As one early technology adopter from the original beta group agrees. Paul Griffin, from New York, is both a Father and a coach of a prominent girls fast pitch softball program in the tri-state area.

"Early on, we were pretty excited about the web based recruiting software, just as a stand alone product. The trackable results for my daughter were excellent. Then came the Virtual Showcase feature. And the exposure numbers went through the roof. It is a legitimate game changer for both players and college coaches, no question", Griffin noted.

"We've already done several Virtual Showcase events for our girls. Everyone wins. Coaches can see our players from anywhere in the world. And the best part is that they never have to leave their office. What's even cooler is that when the college coaches use the free app on their mobile devices, they can choose to be notified in real-time every time one of their prospects they are following is about to broadcast an event. It is a chance for players to be seen regardless of where they the live or how big their school program may be", Griffin concluded.

SkillTraxTV and SkillTrax (the Homeschool version), offers stand alone memberships. One is for the use of the SkillTraxTV Recruiting Software only and be used by 9th through 12th graders, The other membership is the Virtual Showcase Combined Package. This membership is for Juniors and Seniors as well as for teams wanting to promote up to eight athletes in a given sport, through one account. The Virtual Showcase Combined Package uses both the software and the mobile app to allow users go beyond just sending standard highlight videos.

"All of the coaches we are speaking with are telling us that they have been basically trashing highlight clips. They say these videos don't offer a clear enough picture when the content only shows one side of the picture. With our system, it's real-time and live", Meadows stated.

He also adds, "Over time, with each athlete or performers event broadcast, college coaches can see it all - the good, the bad and even the ugly. But that's really what the want. Being able to see how an athlete handles the other side of real life goes a along way in helping coaches decide whether an athlete is going to be a good fit. This is especially true for those coaches who are always placing a high value on character qualities."

Knight also suggest, "If you are a coach or parent wanting to give your athletes maximum branding exposure, it boils down to two choices. You can either pay thousands of dollars for a dead in the water static website with essentially no control of the process. All with the hopes a coach might pass by your profile or possibly even open up one of those mass broadcast emails. And truthfully, it that environment it's just flat pot luck if a school you might actually be interested in attending finds you."

Knight further noted, "Or you can pay minimally with a system you can 100% control. Targeting and tracking the schools you're interested in and then giving them more than they have ever had before, with real-time viewing. Just the novelty alone draws more for our members. Providing multiple real-time viewing events, right in their mobile device. Which one do you think works out better?"

No question, is onto the next generation of recruiting.

The site opens for public Home School discounted sales beginning September 1st, 2015. Individual and team sales will begin then. Interested parties can visit the special Homeschool version website at

Contact them at or Call Coach Pete Meadows at 706-691-3990.