Danish company first in Europe to offer specially designed wrist strap for the new iPod Nano 6

Copenhagen based company Nanowatch has worked night and day since Steve Jobs made a casual remark of using the iPod Nano 6G as a wrist watch at the presentation of the new Nano.

Online PR News – 19-September-2010 – – FIRST IN EUROPE:
Danish company first in Europe to offer specially designed wrist strap that turns the new iPod Nano 6G into a wrist watch.

After long days and sleepless nights in the design studio, and endless talks with production companies, they now are ready to introduce the Original Eco-Friendly Nanowatch.

The difference between The Nanowatch and the two other companies, that offers a strap for the iPod Nano (they are both American) are as follows:
• it is made of eco-friendly silicone and contains neither nickel nor phthalater
• it is available in 6 vibrant colours to match the iPod Nano 6G colour range.
• it is designed by experienced industrial designer, Thomas Frederiksen from Gopingpong.dk and has been designed to fit the iPod Nanos clip mechanism perfectly.

So the iPod Nano fits securely into the NanoWatch band and enables the wearer to wear it on the wrist thereby making it easier to listen to their music and access the Nano’s built in features like the pedometer, FM radio and the much talked about analogue watch.

“We believe that our product is the best on the market” says Niels Kristian Bitsch, co-founder of Nanowatch. “The silicone is first of all eco-friendly and it is also very strong, and feels good against your skin. And we are the only ones in the world to offer the same colour scheme that Apple uses for their iPod Nanos. And then it has been fun to develop, design and produce it in about 20 days”, he concludes.

Nanowatch is owned by Niels Kristian Bitsch and Frederik Hvorslev, who are friends since elementary school.

Feel free to contact Niels Kristian Bitsch for further information on email: info@nanowatch.dk or cell +45 60 17 46 15.
For more information about the NanoWatch you can also visit