New Cleaning Technology Uses Sea Water to Reduce Secondary Mortality Post Natural Disaster

Complete solution to sanitize and disinfect without fresh water or power and will be KEY to reduce secondary mortality in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Online PR News – 25-August-2015 – San Antonio, Texas, – GenEon Technologies announces the latest in their line of Innovative, Cost-Effective, and Sustainable Cleaning & Disinfecting Systems. The Immerse-A-Clean simply, safely, and effectively provides a complete solution to clean, sanitize and disinfect anytime, anywhere – even without access to an electrical power outlet. GenEon sees the innovative Immerse-A-Clean as a key piece in helping Public Health experts reduce secondary mortality in the aftermath of a natural disaster when controlling and preventing the spreading of disease and infection is critical.

Not only can the Immerse-A-Clean use a regular power outlet, it can be connected to the batteries of a powered cleaning equipment, or use its own on-board battery pack. In addition, the Immerse-A-Clean can also harness non-potable water and transform it into safe water for washing and other domestic uses. In traditional facility applications the Immerse-A-Clean uses fresh water allowing it to be ideal in any setting for effectively creating cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions on-site or in the field.
Testing conducted at numerous labs, both in the U.S. and internationally, using AOAC protocol and GLP procedures confirm that GenEon solution kills 99.999% of harmful pathogens in less than 30 seconds. This includes c.diff, Listeria, MRSA, Pseudomonas, Norovirus, Salmonella, Hep B & C, HIV, E.coli O157:H7 and many more.

It is well documented that during emergency situations such as natural disasters secondary deaths resulting from infection and spread of disease is a major concern. The versatility of GenEon’s Immerse-A-Clean and their patented blended-stream technology allows not only for its use in everyday cleaning of healthcare, educational and other facilities but it can even utilize sea water if that is all that is available. The Immerse-A-Clean can create a high powered disinfectant that is also safe for virtually all surfaces as well as people, pets, and plants.

Of GenEon’s latest product launch, Co-Founder & VP of Client Services and Sales Operation, Syd Williams said, “The Immerse-A-Clean is an unprecedented combination of powerful cleaning and disinfecting with the flexibility to be used in any environment. The Immerse-A-Clean is not only a fantastic tool for Environmental Service Operations, Facility Services at Hospitals, Universities, Schools and other facilities, but, it will also be useful as a tool for Public Health experts to reduce or eliminate outbreaks of disease in the wake of natural disasters. We truly believe in its potential to save lives.

GenEon’s Co-Founder and VP of Sales, John Shanahan added “The Immerse-A-Clean follows GenEon’s commitment to make compact highly effective technologies that can help facilities reduce costs, improve the safety and health of facilities while reducing harmful chemicals and pathogens. Each of our designs is thoroughly tested and evaluated by multiple microbiological testing l and safety labs to ensure that we deliver what we promise.

About GenEon Technologies:
GenEon is a visionary company that believes engineered water technologies provide a broad range of uses which improve the health, safety and productivity of our customers.

Our mission is to redefine the meaning of safer cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing/disinfecting to include sustainable, renewable and chemical-free options that are proven to be as effective as leading "green" and traditional chemical cleaners while also improving the health, safety and productivity of those who use or are exposed to those products where they live, work and play.

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