Los Angeles Native And Female Emcee, JAYY STARR Cleverly Delivers Swagger Heavy Wordplay In Her Latest Track Effort

Online PR News – 18-September-2010 – – If You Look Into The Mirror, You See God's Beautiful Lyrics, But When You Turn Off The Radio You Hear Death Turn Into Unsung Words

"Which One of Ya'll" by Jayy Starr

Los Angeles native and female emcee, JAYY STARR cleverly delivers swagger heavy wordplay in her latest track effort "Which One of Y'all", which is a joint that explains her reason for macking any fellow she wants in the club. While production wise, the track knocks heavy. "Which One of Y'all" is a song that definitely leaves you wanting more. If Jayy is able to keep up the momentum with songs like this, she will have a solid career ahead… now DATZHOTT!

Jayy Starr's latest mixtape "Lost & Found, Vol. 2" will be released September 1st.


Her Ability To Rise Above And Beyond Speculation!

Jayy Starr defies any and all speculation most people create about female rappers.

With content that holds a plethora of clever wordplay, tons of fun and high energy and an abundance of creativity. Mixing, wit, swagger, and harmony all skillfully blended with a seamless flow that separates this young woman from a lot of other female rap artists new to the game. As her distinctive rap flow that is sexy enough to show she is a lady but raw enough to be a contender in any cipher. My favorite song from Jayy is a track called "Soft Courage" where she spews heartfelt lyrics about the power of inner-strength and the lessons of life.

Starr has also opened for stars such as Drake, Jeremih, Bobby Valentino, and Trey Songz.

She was also featured on Myspace Music Aug 2009 with an exclusive premiere of her music video "Face Off" directed by Quattro of Digital Noise Pictures, which also went on to win Season 3 Episode 6 of Indie Music Television and Tyght Whyte's single "Come Here" alongside Hurricane Chris.

Jayy's buzz is building vastly on the streets and the internet. As everyone already knows, this is one artist we need to keep our eyes on.

Website: http://www.myspace.com/jaystarronline