Johnathan Ahlf of ACA Launches New Home Energy Program

John Ahlf creates a new home energy program that will significantly reduce energy costs.

Online PR News – 18-September-2010 – – Gilmore, MA - Johnathan Ahlf, president of John Ahlf Conservation Alliance has created a new home energy program that will significantly reduce the costs of energy for homeowners and businesses statewide, putting money back into the pockets of families and making businesses more competitive.

Not only is the adoption of energy efficiency programs beneficial economically but such programs help homeowners and small businesses to achieve their environmental goals by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants, improving quality of life.

John Ahlf was quoted today "…One of the most insightful statements I have ever heard spoken is that the most efficient kilowatt hour that exists is the one you don't use. We must do everything we can to increase energy efficiency so we can reduce the carbon footprint. The new home energy program will help to improve the energy efficiency of new homes and small businesses so that they use, and lose, less energy, reducing waste, as well as overall consumption." Said John Ahlf.

John Ahlf Conservation Alliance was founded in 2009, and began as a consultation firm for businesses looking to reduce energy related costs. Today, Ahlf Conservation Alliance is a full service firm dedicated to helping homeowners and business lower their energy consumption and reduce costs through simple and effective upgrades. Ahlf Conservation Alliance is located in Gilmore, Massachusetts and is headed by president Johnathan Ahlf.