High Position On Google Instant: Just Add Misery

SEO experts High Position analyse Google Instant and it’s affect on search engine optimisation industry practices.

Online PR News – 16-September-2010 – – The award winning High Position Search Engine Optimisation team recently held a workshop addressing the limited release of Google Instant. Google Instant provides realtime SERPs as you type and Google’s intentions are to speed up search, improve query explanation and draw more users. Oh, and of course to make a lot more money as they are able to deliver four times the amount of PPC ads than before.

There has been a lot of buzz in industry publications regarding the .com release of Google Instant and industry prophets are being heard making comments that range from ‘the end is neigh total SEO apocalypse’ to ‘this will sort the wheat from the chaff’. The High Position SEO team ran a workshop on Google Instant where the search engine optimisation company’s leading experts voiced their opinions.

Head of Search Tom Jepson had this to say, “Debate is rife on whether this will benefit generics terms at the expense of longtail, but as Instant Search also has the potential to promote query exploration this may not have the effect we originally expected. Only time will tell.”

The consensus that has not been overtly addressed by other companies, is that Google’s motives are completely financially driven. Marissa Mayer has been quoted as saying Instant will save searchers between two to five seconds per query, however the heavy prediction and PPC ads stacked above the fold are pushing searchers toward paid adds, which might account to the astronomical cost incurred by Google to deliver realtime SERPs.

There is a great deal of assumption and conjecture surrounding Google Instant as it is based on predictions of how searchers interact with the new interface. The fundamental point that is being overlooked is that Google Instant is not currently an algorithm change, it is a behavioural change and therefore will not directly affect how websites are indexed. This alone does not make it any less significant, as there are significantly less organic listings visible above the fold; if anything it makes impactful SEO more essential, as the competition for top spots is intensified.

There have been some prophets of doom within the industry, who High Position do not wish to draw any more attention to, that have predicted the end of SEO. However, in the words of Matt Cutts, “The best SEOs recognize, adapt, and even flourish when changes happen.”

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