Over 68 Planetary Gear and Helical Gear Manufacturers Added To ForeignTRADEX

ForeignTRADEX announced today it released a new power transmission and motion control products directory to enable companies to compare gears, sprockets and gearboxes

Online PR News – 18-September-2010 – – Chula Vista, California – The industrial trade portal publisher ForeignTRADEX.com, creator of over 45 directories and guides focusing on various industrial tools, manufacturing machines and related equipment debuted today its new planetary gear, motion control products and power transmission equipment directory at http://www.foreigntradeexchange.com/suppliers/gears_drive_components.html The company said the site includes offers for helical, spur, bevel, axle, internal, timing, mechanical, switching, transmission and precision gears as well as speed reducers, sprockets, controls, plastic replacement gear, chains, belts, stock and custom-made gears and other power transmission equipment.

According to Robert Miller, spokesman for ForeignTRADEX, a division of Industrial Leaders, the gears and motion control products in the revised directory are suitable for conveyors, automotive, forklifts, hydraulic equipment, machine tools, heavy equipment, ATV, motorcycle, pneumatic, industrial fans, scales, clocks, odometer and other applications. Miller said ForeignTRADEX.com recently added miniature gears, spline, cut, instrument and helical gear offerings to the publication as well as a series of gearmotors and gearboxes at http://www.worldwideindustrialmarketplace.com/directory/gears_drive_components.html

“As toothed wheels created to transmit torque to another toothed component, gears are used today in a diverse range of industries such as cars, machinery, conveying equipment, consumer goods, hydraulic presses and other mechanical devices requiring motion control and power transmission solutions,” said Mr. Miller. He added, “ForeignTRADEX designed its new vertical gears directory and online marketplace to help companies compare manufacturers worldwide offering a wide range of standard and custom gears constructed in stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, hardened tool steel, reinforced plastic and other rugged materials”.

About ForeignTRADEX

ForeignTRADEX is a US-European Industrial Trade Portal designed to connect American and European exporters and importers of industrial products. The site includes offerings for a broad variety of industrial supplies, equipment and machinery as well as manufacturing services from leading companies in the United States, Canada and Western Europe at http://www.foreigntradeexchange.com

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