Aromantic launches new Skin Care Library

Aromantic, the leading UK online retailer of natural skin care

Online PR News – 15-August-2015 – Moray – Aromantic, the leading UK online retailer of natural skin care products, has launched a new Skin Care Library where customers can enjoy access to free articles, tips and recipes. This innovative feature has is own separate section on the Aromantic website, with visitors being able to access articles and information in categories such as Recipes, Scrubs & Peels, Ethics, Get Started, Good Manufacturing Practice, Legal & Regulatory and many more. The information is designed to help those who are making natural skin care and beauty products for themselves, as well as individuals who are looking to sell their handmade products to their own client base afterwards.
The new Skin Care Library also features a handy Frequently Asked Questions section, where customers can find solutions to commonly-encountered issues when making skin care and beauty products, including to how get the right thickness of creams and lotions, choosing a product preservative, converting grams to millilitres and much more. The Aromantic shop itself supplies over 700 different ingredients for manufacturing handmade natural beauty products, along with its own range of ready-made items, equipment and containers for safely storing customers’ concoctions.
“We are very pleased to announce that we have launched our new Skin Care Library for all the visitors to our website to enjoy,” stated Benj Borseth, Managing Director at Aromantic, “Customers can browse our vast selection of recipes to find something that suits them, then pop over to our Products section and purchase all the ingredients they need to make their own natural beauty and skin care products. Visitors can also find an extensive selection of articles detailing the scientifically-proven benefits of using certain ingredients.”
The Aromantic product range includes innovative and exotic items such as Pomegranate Seed Oil, Wu Zhu Extract, White Poppy Seed Oil and Eco Marine Algae Extract. The latter ingredient is a powerful anti-wrinkle active which strongly stimulates the production of structural skin proteins, promotes healing and restores natural suppleness and radiance. Wu Zhu Extract is a fantastic natural active which is made from Wu Zhu Yu – also called the Evodia Rutaecarpa Fruit – and is used to illuminate and refine the skin.
In addition to these more exotic items, Aromantic also stocks a range of long-established favourites, including Evening Primrose Oil, Castor Oil and Citronella Oil. The Evening Primrose Oil selection from Aromantic includes both organic and non-organic extracts, which are ideal for helping the skin retain moisture and prevent drying. Recipes from the Aromantic Skin Care Library for Evening Primrose Oil include a Computer Radiation Screen Protection Oil, a Nourishing Skin Serum for Black Skin and Baby Oil for Everyday Use.

Aromantic is a leading supplier of a wide range of natural and organic ingredients for making hair, skin and beauty care products. Based in the United Kingdom, Aromantic is the choice of thousands of satisfied customers around the world looking for alternatives to commercial and industrial cosmetics. The company is proud to offer an enormous range of over 700 ingredients that can be used by any homecrafter, salon owner or therapist, or anyone who simply wishes to have more control over the products that they put on their hair and skin. Also offering various tools and ample instructions for creating natural and organic cosmetics, Aromantic provides everything its customers need to get started in making wholesome beauty products at home. For more information, visit the online store at: