Trash A GoGo Surf In Shanghai

Garage Punk Live Show In Shanghai

Online PR News – 17-September-2010 – – 2010 Trash a gogo / Nippon Season

9/22 @ YYT The Whys / Friend or Foe / The Beat Bandits
9/23 @ Logo The Dudettes / Hotter Than Teppanyaki / The Beat Bandits / Special Guest
9/24 @ 696 Pairs / The Beat Bandits / The Whys

And so: it was decreed by the Party Elders known only as MT Hooligans that the one night monthly music-orgy known as TRASH A GO-GO would no longer satisfy the coffers of blood required to satiate the People's lust for ROCKABILLY, PUNK, SURF, GARAGE, and ALL THINGS SONICALLY FREAKY.

And so: the pail moon mirrored the faces of the horrified masses of Shanghai when the pamphlet was nailed in the town forum. No longer would Trash A G0-GO be one night, but in SEPTEMBER, THREE! THREE NIGHTS OF DEPRAVITY! THREE NIGHTS OF MONSTER JAMS! THREE NIGHTS OF CRASH! BOOM! BAM!

And so: the denizens read on, silently, slowly, to see the names of the monsters that would feast this month.

The Whys:
Smoking hot Japanese surf-rock chicks (and one dude) that are known to shimmy hula style. Their sound is lean, clean, and mean with with walloping reverb galore.

The Beat Bandits:
With a foot in the ass-shaking surf-swing of Dick Dale and The Champs, the Beat Bandits allows listeners to hang-ten over bouncy baselines and jumpy keyboards until...until....CRASH! Mizuzu's Tsunami-sized guitar roars waves at the audience like a long-lost Godzilla villain. You're caught in the middle as these two sides duel it out, leaving the listener to pogo and twist with equal zeal.

The Pairs:
A two-some that leans more to Suicide than more contemporary rock-duos, Pairs brings a wall of disheartening, angular drone that disarms before drummer/vocalist Rhys smashes your conscience to bits. Wailing guitars and vocals make this the LOUDEST band of the night.

Hotter Than Teppanyaki:
There are seven people in this ensemble. I have no idea how they will fit onto the stage at LoGo. That may be their whole show (and worth it).

The Dudettes:
Outrageous vaudeville featuring their hit (you on the ass songs) like "H1N1" and "Facebook Stalker."

Friend or Foe:
A new band that is blasting onto the Shanghai scene with funky, dancy, dirty rock and roll. There theatrics and energy will make you get down.

He rebels against people who DJ because they are afraid to dance in public. He will sing and dance to provoke movement; he is somewhere between vaudeville and Warhol. Featuring vintage-hits and forgotten favorites, he thinks dance music is for pussies but The Shanghri-Las are fucking artists, man. Tech? NO