Dr. Lillian Glass, Body Language Expert, Best-Selling Author Provides Actors Body Language Services

Dr. Lillian Glass, well respected communications expert, and best-selling author now helps acting professionals now master the art of body language as they portray their characters. Since acting is a profession where nonverbal communication can make the difference between an Award-winning performance and a mediocre representation, it is essential for every actor to learn how to put their best body language forward.

Online PR News – 16-September-2010 – – When it comes to communication, nonverbal cues such as body language, facial expression, posture, and more account for nearly 50 percent of the message. Dr. Lillian Glass, body language expert, offers a comprehensive series of services geared to helping actors master the fine details of nonverbal communication, which is essential to the success of their careers.

Dr. Glass's list of Award-winning clients has included Dustin Hoffmann, Will Smith, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, and others. The impressive careers of these individuals speak volumes about the impact of the services offered by Dr. Glass and are a testament to her pitch-perfect body language analysis. Through years of dedication in the industry and the innate ability to recognize and encapsulate the nuances of voice inflection and a host of other nonverbal cues, she imparts these body language and communication skills to the actors that rely on her services.

"My private consultations can help an actor prepare exclusively for a distinctive role-playing a character with an accent, for example," explains Dr. Glass. "But I can also help with all character types, allowing the actor truly get inside the head of their character and reveal the complete personality not only in the subtle voice inflections, but in the general body language and posture that character should have."

But I can also help with all character types allowing the actor truly get inside the head of their character and reveal the complete personality not only in the subtle voice inflections but in the general body language and posture that character should have.

Private services in body language for actors provided by Dr. Glass include:

Body Language Consultations

· Character Analysis Consultations
· Ethnic Body Language & Character Analysis
· Accent & Dialect Transcription of Script
· On-Site or In-Studio Consultations

Dr. Glass also provides the following workshops for actors:

· Body Language Workshops for Actors
· Ethnic and Body Language Workshop
· Communication & Audition Skills for Actors

"The actors I work with, in both private sessions and in my workshops will gain absolutely invaluable skills that will add to their self confidence whether they are auditioning or performing in a role. When they learn the dynamics of body language skills, which enhances their nonverbal communication, it helps them bring their characters to life," points out Dr. Glass.

Helping actors at all stages of their careers, Dr. Glass can assist those stars on the rise hone their auditioning skills through body language analysis and mastery, as well as help the most recent Academy Award winner prepare for a unique or ethnic role.

For more information about Dr. Glass' workshops, personal consultations, scheduling, or fees, contact Deb Morrison at 310 274-0528.

About Dr. Lillian Glass:

Dr. Lillian Glass is a well respected body language expert and communication expert. As a media personality , she is a regular commentator for the Nancy Grace Show. She is the body language expert for Swift Justice, Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight, and The Insider and has a monthly body language column in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Dr. Glass has also used her skills as an expert witness for both state and federal cases in the area of vocal forensics and behavioral analysis. She has written more than a dozen books, including the bestsellers Toxic People™; He Says, She Says; a body language book I Know What You're Thinking; and her latest, Toxic Men™ (November 2010). Dr. Glass writes her own popular body language blog as well as a blog for Psychology Today. In her private practice in Beverly Hills, she has helped countless clients, among them celebrities, politicians, and world leaders with their body language and communication skills. For more information about Dr. Glass, her blog, products, and services go to www.drlillianglass.com.

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