Multi-level marketers banned from networking events

Multi-level marketers have been NFIed – not flipping invited – to events held by NFI Networking. They join a growing list of professionals, including lawyers, life coaches, accountants, financial advisors, money lenders and ‘entrepreneurs’, who are no longer welcome at such events.

Online PR News – 16-September-2010 – – Multi-level marketers include sales representatives often from the cosmetic and home ware industries. They make sales via catalogues and ‘parties’ hosted at customer’s houses and typically work as part of a large network. They receive commission for their sales and for the sales of other multi-level marketers they have recruited.

The decision to remove them from networking events was made after feedback from NFI Networking attendees showed they were being over-represented at events. This meant attendees were meeting too many candidates from the same industry and were unable to make the most of their networking. NFI feels that by barring members of this profession they will attract a greater variety of delegates to their events making the networking experience more valuable for those welcome. Similar justifications were made when NFI banned other leading professions from networking events in December 2009.

A spokesperson from NFI said, “Networking events can be overrun with certain groups of people making them of limited value for attendees. It's not because we don't like these people, and we'd rather they didn't take it too personally or seriously. It's just that they're so over represented at other networking meetings, that it's very difficult to meet other people”

NFI Networking events are designed to help professionals meet a diverse range of business people. To encourage this attendees must bring a representative from a non-NFI industry different to their own, to each event. NFI say their events are “about back-scratching, offering selfless advice and doing favours. It's about business karma.”

For more information, details of upcoming events and to register for events visit Those who do not respect the NFI list will be asked to leave.


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