Magicjack Buyback Program comes as a great relief to hundreds of Magicjack Users

Magicjack BuyBack has launched an interesting program through which it buys back all defective Magicjack devices and also brings a host of other offers to those who return their devices.

Online PR News – 13-September-2009 – – Appleton WI - Many people that came across Magicjack thought that it they have found the deal of their lifetime for all their telephone bill problems. Magicjack offered exciting offers such as for $39.95. Buyers got the device plus one year of free calling to United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Along with the device came many interesting features. So hundreds of people rushed to avail this offer. However, it did not take long for the customers to realize that their Magicjack device came with a host of problems and defects. The device did not stand up to its own promises. They malfunctioned and they injected a lot viruses and Trojans into the computer in which it was used. Some just threw their Magicjack into the garbage can while others let it sleep in their office drawers. Now time has come to salvage something out of their Magicjack problems through Magicjack buy back program that is announced by this Wisconsin business, Magicjack BuyBack.

Those who no longer like to use Magicjack either because the service is poor or because the device they have is defective or creating other computer related problems can easily return them to Magicjack BuyBack. All they need to do is to fill the shipping form at and they will be given the shipping instructions. Once the shipping instructions are followed buy the customers the payments will be sent on the receipt of the used Magicjack device and after a successful participation in a partner promotion. Payment will be sent to the Magicjack users that sent the device either through check or through prepaid cards for a value of up to $50 depending on the claimed value of the device and the participation level in the partner promotion program.

Magicjack BuyBack says that, “We're trying to find unsatisfied Magicjack customers and it's starting to look like that won't be difficult. When did thousands of other customers discover the spyware and adware that Magicjack injects into their computers?” Many Magicjack customers have already sent their faulty devices and thankfully received their payments. People wish that there is a buyback program for all such poor devices out there in the market, so that they can cut down their losses and stop cursing themselves for making the wrong decision. Magicjack BuyBack hopes to collect hundred of such devices. This is not a scam, it is real and it is true that people receive their payments promptly. This company is in the process of developing an exciting internet game and it plans to use these defective Magicjack devices for an exciting internet game. More information about this program and about the offers can be viewed at