Earning Opportunities of BC Bottle Depot

BC Bottle Depot has been helping the individuals to earn through old and used plastic bottles in Vancouver, BC.

Online PR News – 16-September-2010 – – BC Bottle Depot has been showing its consciousness towards environment by taking initiative of plastic bottle and cans recycling. This bottle depot is operational in Vancouver, BC and has been providing different earning benefits for individuals in Vancouver, BC.

Bottle recycling plays a vital role in saving the situation of landfill on earth. Moreover, several bottle depots are available in Vancouver, BC which has been working in this regard like BC Bottle Depot.

The said bottle depot has been in the news from years now. Its different quality features are:

Earning through bottles
Individuals have been getting benefitted by earning through old plastic bottles and containers. Moreover, it pays for providing trash of recycling.

Full deposit
It pays full deposits of different bottle and containers and there is no any limit of number of returns.

Non-alcoholic items
Bottles of soft drink, water and juices are considered as non-alcoholic plastic items for recycling. It pays 5 cents for containers which have capacity of less than or equal to 1L. Moreover, 20 cents are there for bottles which have capacity of more than 1 L.

Alcoholic items
The paying scale for alcoholic plastic items is quite different from non-alcoholic items. One can be paid 10 cents for bottles of spirits and wine which come with the capacity of less than or equal to 1 L. For cans and bottles of capacity more than 1 L, it pays 20 cents.

Thus, in this way, individuals has been earning through providing old plastic cans and bottles to BC Bottle Depot in Vancouver, BC.

BC Bottle Depot is a professional bottle depot which is located in Vancouver, BC. It has been helping individuals in earning bucks from household trash including plastic bottles and containers since years back from now in Vancouver, BC.