Develop feature-rich Joomla forms using Packt's new ChronoForms book

Packt is pleased to announce ChronoForms 1.3 for Joomla! site Cookbook, a new book that will help readers toexplore the versatility of ChronoForms in order to make their website interactive. Written by Bob Janes, this book will assist readers in publishing forms to websites using ChronoForms quickly and easily.

Online PR News – 16-September-2010 – – ChronoForms is a Joomla Component that helps Joomla/Mambo users to publish forms to a website swiftly and effortlessly. Joomla! is a fantastic way to create a dynamic CMS, whereas ChronoForms is the extension that allows developers to interact with their users by means of forms.

ChronoForms 1.3 for Joomla! site Cookbooktakes users through form development in a step by step manner using ChronoForms’ built-in drag-and-drop tool. This practical guide also goes on to explain other important topics such as validation of user input and how to save data in the database. Readers will also learn to change the look and the feel of their forms to match their site.

Using this book, developers will learn to use ChronoForms plugins to enhance their forms and develop more advanced features, to create common types of forms, to display their forms in an article, a module or a light box, to set up form validation and security, and to setup emails to send form results to site administrators or to the users.

Packed with easy-to-follow recipes, tips and tricks, and ample screenshots, this practical book is ideal for people who want to add simple newsletter sign-ups or complex multi-page interactive forms to their Joomla! sites. The book is out now and available from Packt. To read more about it, please visit: