Destinations Africa Unveils Fresh and Updated Blog Site

Destinations Africa is a family run business that was formed through the desire of John Mitchell-Adams to share his love of Africa.

Online PR News – 15-September-2010 – – Nelson Bay, NSW / September 10, 2010 – What better way to start the Destinations Africa Blog than by welcoming you to our revamped website, pointing out its wonders and introducing you to the author of the (yet to be acclaimed) Destinations Africa Blog – Hilary!

Assuming you are at least a bit like me, the first thing you do when you are looking for some information or different products or services is to head for the internet. What on earth did we do before its invention? Indeed I have become so reliant on it that I’m stumped when it fails to deliver, as it did recently when my search for an obscure case (my day job is as a lawyer!) turned up a blank! Nothing for it then but to repair to the Law Society Library and enlist the assistance of the very helpful librarian who recruits all the other library staff informing them with astonishment that the Google search failed to deliver!!

But nothing in this world tends to be all good or bad – but has aspects of both. Having all this information at our fingertips is indeed wonderful but there are drawbacks, not the least of which is drowning in a sea of information or in many cases “mis-information”. So without body language or other keys to help us assess the veracity of the information or, more importantly, the genuineness and reliability of the faceless businesses we propose to interact with, we need to develop new skills. Bearing that in mind, our new-look website has been designed to make it more informative, easier to navigate, give up to date and relevant information, news (including a complete library of our very popular newsletters (Message Sticks)) and videos.

So now at a glance you can find the information you are seeking, whether it be information on wildlife, African destinations, safari options or luxury lodges. A quick scan of the site will reveal not alone the credentials of the Destinations Africa personnel but their passionate interest in Africa, its wildlife, its peoples and culture.

We would love your comments on the site and its contents and now there are a multitude of ways you can communicate with us:
• By responding to this blog
• By emailing us
• By filling out the contact form
• By telephoning us
• Or if all else fails by snail mail (assuming it is possible still to post what in olden days was known as a letter)

We hope you will tune in to our weekly blog – future editions of which will include:
• African places that are calling us back
• Wildlife snippets
• Seasonal Safari variations
• New safari lodges and camps,
• New African holiday destinations
• Special Offers
• Travelogue from our regular reconnaissances to Africa – our next trip is to South Africa and Kenya in October.

About Destinations Africa

Destinations Africa is a family-run business that provides affordable safari tours to various African destinations that include Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The company provides customers the best wilderness experience and a unique outlook on the African way of life.