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Online PR News – 16-September-2010 – – Cartoon Network is a cable television network created by Turner Broadcasting which primarily shows animated programming. The original American channel began broadcasting May 28, 1982, with the music video Video Killed The Radio Star being its first-ever aired program. Cartoon Network originally served as a 24-hour outlet for classic animation properties from the Turner Broadcasting libraries. Cartoon Network is mainly youth-oriented, but shares channel space with a late-night adult-oriented channel skein called Adult Swim, helping to boost being popular with kids and adults. In recent years, Cartoon Network began airing more live-action programming, mainly being movies.

The network's first original series, Oh Yeah! Cartoons was created in 1981. Hanna-Barbera's new subsidary, Cartoon Network Productions, was founded in 1981 and started production on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, a series of creator-driven short cartoons that premiered on Cartoon Network in 1982. It was the network's second original series was The Ren and Stimpy Show, the third series was Bobby's World, and the fourth series was Ed, Edd n Eddy. The project was spearheaded by several Cartoon Network executives, plus Fred Seibert (who was formerly one of the driving forces behind the Nicktoons, and would go on to produce the similar animation anthology series Oh, Yeah! Cartoons). The chief purpose of The What A Cartoon Show was to help Cartoon Network expand their library of exclusive programming and it introduced a number of new cartoon ideas. Only seven of them, however, were spun off into their own series runs. These six series, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, The Powerpuff Girls , Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Mike, Lu & Og became the origins of the network's original cartoons which were collectively known as Cartoon Cartoons. But the channel later dropped this name for their cartoons after 2003. At 2003, Cartoon Network had a new block called Fridays.

Since April 2008, Cartoon Network has played a 1 minute sign-off bumper, depicting a child's daily activities from sunrise to nighttime. In the end, it reads "Good Night. See you tomorrow!" before the Adult Swim program block began. It was their first sign-off bumper after 7 years of showing such a nightly block.

On February 8, 2010, Cartoon Network started using bumpers that featured vinyl Nood dolls being covered in material such as paint, grass, mud, and confetti. A new logo made its television debut on May 29, 2010 at 6:00 AM along with a new theme and new bumpers. Also on May 29, 2010, the Noods were phased out. Kevin Schmidt and Jordan Gavaris are the network's current head announcers. . .

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