New Women’s Website Gives Practical Advice On Surviving Worst Case Driving Scenarios And Coping With Everyday Car Stress

iCarMedia, LLC Launches BadCarDay.Com© With Initial Content Of 30+ How-To Articles And Product Tests…from Women’s 10 Darkest Driving Fears to ‘Best of the Best’ Car Websites

Online PR News – 13-September-2009 – – Bethel, CT…iCarMedia, LLC announced the launch of©. Focusing on car situations unique to women, the site’s mission is how to avoid a bad car day by providing answers to such basic questions as: • Where is the safest place to park in a lonely, scary garage or mall parking lot? • How can you really lower your stress level when buying a car? • When should a woman consider carrying a pepper spray such as Mace? If so, which brand and size?

“Compared to a really bad hair day, which only makes you cranky, a really bad car day can make you dead,” declares Holly Pemberton, Co-Editor.’s premise is that the Internet offers a wealth of practical information – if only you can find it, and know that it is good…because a good editor has vetted it. is produced by the father-daughter team of Jeff and Holly Pemberton, both with deep credentials in online research – Jeff at the New York Times Information Bank, Holly at Simon & Shuster’s interactive publishing division. Together, they have scoured the Web for worthwhile car emergency information and vetted over 3,000 websites.

Representative categories include:
• Women’s 10 Darkest Driving Fears (e.g. Lonely, Dangerous Garages)
• Driving Through Natural Disasters (e.g. Flash Floods)
• Everyday Driving Stress (e.g. Parallel Parking a Big Car)
• How to Create a Right Stuff Dire Emergency Kit e.g. (Eyeball-burner Flashlight, Mace, three others)
• Accidents (e.g. How to Avoid; Deal with Medical & Legal Issues Afterward)
• Plus a low-stress approach to familiar topics such as car buying.

Typical articles begin What You Need To Know, followed by How to Avoid and What to Do sections summarizing the best expert advice on the Web, as well as Holly and Jeff’s own research and product testing. For pepper spray, Holly shot streams of liquid and gel at a full sized police pistol target. To escape from a car underwater, the team tested devices designed to break car windows using car doors from junkyards.

Jeff tested high intensity, super-bright Tactical Flashlights (for scaring off attackers), and came up with a compact eyeball-burner that’s one third the price and half the size of the runner-up.

Women’s self defense tactics useful in car-related dangers, such as carjacking and kidnapping, are included in certain articles. These are researched, written or edited by Holly, who studies self-defense and kickboxing. Such topics become more timely as the recession impacts crime rates, especially violence toward women – often when they are exiting or returning to their vehicle. is an ongoing project that will engage its readers and ask them to contribute their true-life experiences. In a charming, happy-ending example, a Wilton, CT librarian told of having a blowout on the Cross-Bronx Expressway in NYC.

‘A trucker stopped to help, but when he told me ‘go wait in my truck – there’s some cookies there,’ I worried that it was a trick that would have a bad outcome, so I waited outside. But he did change my tire and as his truck passed, I saw the name on the rear: Keebler Cookies.’

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