Clipping Path India Launches New Raster to Vector Image Conversion Services

Clipping Path India launched a new raster to vector conversion. This imaging technology using software that helps to improve the quality of vector images.

Online PR News – 15-September-2010 – – Contemporary technologists have continues to add more flavor to photo world through a number of inventions with regard to the equipments, tools and techniques used to improve photo treatment services. Moving with the same pace as contemporary technology, Clipping Path India management has thought it wise to make use of the latest technology in their photo treatment services.

Clipping Path India is an offshore outsourcing company in India that offers varieties of services such as clipping path, photoshop masking, image manipulation, photoshop retouching, image retouching, image editing, photo enhancement, image stitching, drop shadow, raster to vector image and cropping, resizing and re-arranging.

Recently, the company has launched new raster to vector image conversion. This photo technique makes use of software that will help them to improve the quality of raster images. The images will be ever clear no matter how small the size may be.

According to the chief executive of the company Mr. A. R. Sumon their team of experts has been trained to master this photo treatment technique that makes use of illustrator pen tools only. Continuing in his speech Mr. A. R. Sumon made it clear that the company will do everything possible to satisfy the desire of their clients and will always aspire to be a leading company in the photo world by making use of the best photo treatment tools. He concludes by welcoming all who will like to vectorize their images in their company. He equally promises them satisfaction. For more information visit their website


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