Detroit Trucks Take Part in MI Auto Times “May the Best Truck Win”

Detroit trucks are not rated equal. MI Auto Times is starting an in-depth review series featuring detailed videos and comparisons between domestic and foreign trucks with one winner in the end.

Online PR News – 15-September-2010 – – Detroit trucks are tough and will be competing against each other under careful editorial review at MI Auto Times during several rounds of comparisons to determine which domestic or foreign pickup truck will win the crown of “MI Auto Times Best Truck.”
Good Detroit trucks are crucial, and MI Auto Times is stepping in to help truck buyers by posting essential information that will lead to a solid purchase choice. MI Auto Times has paired Detroit trucks against each other and assigned ratings in four categories: value, power, comfort and warranty. Four stars is the top rating in each category.
Specific models and configurations were selected based on Detroit trucks that are relevant to MI Auto Times readers. Therefore, the top dollar trucks were excluded and MI Auto Times selected lower priced models in the same price range. Detroit trucks of similar components and qualities were chosen to ensure a fair comparison.
Every week results from a comparison between two Detroit trucks will be posted by MI Auto Times editors and a winning truck will continue in the series. The first comparison is between the Ford F-150 and the GMC Sierra. Visit to view the results, videos and ensuing comparisons. Readers who disagree with the MI Auto Times decision are welcome to comment and voice their opinions.
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