Vegascasino21 is a brand new Casino running on the new TOP GAME software platform. Vegascasino21 ,One place for excellent online slots and Table Games with excellent bonuses and super fast payouts.

Online PR News – 15-September-2010 – – Players are now rewarded with truly innovative games and technologies but at the same time remaining true to the classic
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Vegascasino21 an almost true experience to build and design both the new platform and the new Casino with only one thing in mind, player entertainment, game satisfaction and service. If you have been visiting online casinos frequently in the recent days, then you surely must have come across quite a good number of them offering 'no deposit casino bonuses' to their members. The way the arrangement works is such that new members to the casino, upon simply registering with the casinos, have money deposited into their playing accounts. This makes the bonuses different from the usual variety of bonuses - which only become available to members upon their deposition of money into their online playing accounts.

The reasons as to why online casinos increasingly offer no deposit bonuses are not that hard to understand. But to come to that point of understanding, you have to take cognizance of the fact that the online casino industry is an increasingly competitive one, as (literally) hundreds of online casinos fight over the relatively few players. So the no deposit casino bonus is simply one of the strategies the online casino do, to fend off the competitive pressure (defensively), and possibly even make inroads into other casinos' territories (offensively). Does the no deposit casino bonus strategy always have the intended effect? Well, the truth about the no deposit bonus is that usually has the intended effect - but definitely not always. Some people simply use it to exhaustion, but don't proceed to add any money into their playing accounts. But a majority does. In offering the bonuses, the casinos know this: that they will have the desired effect on some people, whilst not having the same effect on others. It is a game of numbers, and they know that should it have the desired effect on just a few of the targeted people, that would be adequate justification for it. So, Vegascasino21 offers 30% no deposit bonus. Casinos provide such people the best platform where they can generate stupendous sums of money quickly. Since winning and losing are both possible so the experts have looked into this matter too. It is ensured that nobody should lose money in such a way that the blow cannot be dealt with. Hence, experts have suggested the use of fixed amounts so that the players do not end up losing a fortune. So vegascasino21 offers 500% up to $500 free with your first deposit.