New Site Links Search Results to Over 3-Bn Database Records

Searching for information about anyone in nearly half of the world’s population today would seem hardly possible but a revolutionary people search site is making it just as likely and viable.

Online PR News – 15-September-2010 – – Discovering online and finding out anything about a person by just keying in the name and location is possible through, where every search yields desired information.

With a database of over 3.1 billion or nearly half of the world’s current 6.8 billion population, increases the possibility of digging basic information about an individual person.

Using an online software called Net Detective, people can find more about people, friends, family, lovers, neighbors and others, legally and all in the privacy of one’s own home without anyone ever knowing.

Net Detective holds information on over 90% of US population and with this tools, anyone can keep his or her identity from being stolen by reviewing your data as an ongoing part of your monthly bill paying routine.

Its current online program is also being used by detectives & private investigators to locate missing persons, lost relatives, love ones or sometimes just for plain snooping around.

The people search website contains extensive information such as social security number, credit reports, marital status, birth, death records, including hidden assets, court records and driving records so only the very best information can be obtained.

Rather than hiring a private investigator, the site can perform background check of persons or individuals whose publicly known profile or information can be vital to a particular undertaking.

Whether the objective is to expand the base for business clients or simply to add a new contact to the directory list, it always makes sense to undertake the prudent background check to avoid getting associated later with someone who has a spurious identity and representation.

The background check online is one of the most important benefits of modern day internet technology where links to every person’s present and past records is made instantly accessible.