The New XC Generation – Very affordable, high quality checkweighing solutions

The new XC range consisting of four outstanding checkweighing solutions, now offers models with improved accuracy, increased throughput, higher weighing ranges and a greater degree of water ingress protection to fulfil a wider range of application requirements.

Online PR News – 15-September-2010 – – The XC range delivers cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, precision, and performance for industrial checkweighing environments. They are principally used as “policeman” checkweighers to ensure compliance with local weights and measures regulations, checking for completeness of bundle packages and integrity checking of mechanical components. A further primary XC checkweigher function is to replace manual or semi-automated processes in compliance with customer demands to increase product quality and consistency. The 5.7” multilingual colour touchscreen interface is mounted in the control cabinet and displays current and historical production data.

The new XC Checkweighing models have been specifically designed for high reliability ease of operation and compliance with weights and measurements regulations. The new XC checkweighers are optimal for all companies starting an automated production program, companies in search of an economical replacement checkweigher and companies expanding their production lines with the minimum of new investment. Their modular high quality construction ensures simple and quick servicing, maintenance and repair at an extremely competitive price.

Whether you are contemplating buying a checkweigher for the first time, replacing an old checkweigher or expanding your existing production line the new GARVENS XC checkweighing generation has a solution for your application requirements.

Additional Options
* Statistic programs
* Weights and Measures approval (MID)
* Weight data interface
* Signal light pole
* Enhanced water protection
* Reject pusher kit

Customer Advantages and Benefits

* Highly accurate checkweighing range for food and non-food applications to ensure product quality and protect your brand

* Quick installation and line integration reducing costs and downtime. Minimum interruption of existing production lines and production stop to keep your production line running.

* Value for money. Best quality for minimum investment.

* Cost efficient solution for changing from manual weighing towards automation and 100% control.

* Fast ROI for entry level customers reducing time consuming manual tasks and increasing productivity.

* High connectivity. Easy and fast integration into local network systems for reliable transmission of weight and statistical data to central control points.

* Quick and simple maintenance, service and repair. Belt replacement, cleaning, routine servicing and critical part replacement can be carried out without trouble by your own service staff keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

* Optimised spare part kits - Allows you change wearing parts as part of a preventative maintenance program instead of having to wait for parts after a component has broken. The spare part kits are designed specifically for this purpose to minimise downtime through unnecessary stoppages.