Traffic Siphon Launches Today - Authors Claim System Brings In $120,000 Monthly

Net Income to Be Boosted By Reliance on Free Traffic; Not PPC or AdWords

Online PR News – 14-September-2010 – – Affiliate marketing is a relatively inexpensive business to get into, but money is still required to access a wider array of marketing tools. Google AdWords, Pay-per-Click schemes and other forms of online advertising require a hefty sum of money to properly utilize.

Traffic Siphon, however, is an affiliate marketing course that moves away from these paid methods and turns instead to free traffic.

George Brown and Andrew X, the men behind Traffic Siphon, have released previous affiliate marketing programs such as Google Sniper, Traffic Ultimatum and Auto Profit Launcher. These programs focus on certain aspects of affiliate marketing, like Google Sniper’s emphasis on search engine optimization, Traffic Ultimatum’s emphasis on paid traffic and Auto Profit Launcher’s emphasis on automated affiliate marketing websites.

Each author also touts his own particular set of ‘secrets’ for each program. These secrets are responsible for the unique, profitable approach of each individual program.

Traffic Siphon is therefore an integration of both authors’ secrets, this time focusing on free traffic while integrating their previous work into one updated bundle.

The basic premise of Traffic Siphon is that an "affiliate marketer can increase overall profits by cutting down on advertising expenses". Paid online advertising can account for a heavy chunk of expenditures, especially if the traffic brought to a website is not highly targeted. On the contrary, free traffic is always good traffic whether it is targeted or not and Traffic Siphon is banking on this concept to maximize profits.

Another main point of Traffic Siphon is the updating of techniques and secrets discussed in previous programs. Search engines constantly update the protocols and parameters for ranking websites, and the authors claim to provide working insights to maximize a website’s search engine rankings.

The Traffic Siphon system itself will be launching today September 14, 2010.

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