Stuart, Florida Fishing Charter Offering Evening Swordfishing Trips

Swordfish season is in full swing in September, and local Stuart, FL fisherman is offering special evening Swordfishing trips so his guests can get 'em while they're hot.

Online PR News – 14-September-2010 – – The Stuart, FL fishing boat, called Reel Busy, is run by Captain Wayne Broduer. Captain Wayne has been fishing for over three decades, and considers swordfishing one of the more exciting ways to spend an evening. His decision to begin offering specialized swordfish trips at night came easy, since many of his regular customers had expressed interest in pursuing the huge fish on dedicated charters that targeted just swordfish.

"Swordfishing is an experience you'll never forget and Swordfish Steaks are great on a plate" says Captain Wayne with a gleaming smile. His deep tan face glows with pride as he talks about past trips and the fish he's hooked for guests aboard the Reel Busy. The man is clearly obsessed with fishing, and although he targets several species on any number of various Stuart, Florida fishing trips he offers aboard the Reel Busy, swordfishing seems to be where he greatest passion lays these days.
Swordfish feed at night, since they like darkness and cooler waters. In fact, they are seldom spotted during the day on Florida fishing charters. The record swordfish caught was over 600 pounds but most likely you'll be witnessing a swordfish catch of around 50 to 150 pounds if you hook one with Captain Wayne.

Spring, summer and fall are the best times for swordfishing, though they are around the coast of Florida all year. Seas are calmer, so it's more comfortable to fish offshore.

Captain Wayne is excited about the Evening Swordfish trips, and can't wait to get the lines out and hook a beauty. Guests aboard the Reel Busy will head out to the Gulf Stream, where all the big fish run. Bait will be squid or blue runners, and several lines will be put out for the drift. The lines will reach from the surface down to 400 feet, at all lengths so as to cover as much of the water column as possible.
Lines have light sticks attached to them to attract the swordfish. Once hooked, the swordfish may run as deep as 800 feet in seconds, according to Captain Wayne.

The Reel Busy is a 31 foot Contender that's rigged for tournaments. Run fast with twin Yamaha engines, each with 250 horse power. The ride will be comfortable, and quiet thanks to the four-stroke engines that seem virtually silent at times.

The boat can hold up to four anglers, and can run offshore comfortably. Stuart, Florida is the sailfishing capital of the world, but all the offshore species are targeted from there. It's less than two hours from Orlando, on the east coast of Florida. It's between the Palm Beaches and Fr. Pierce, Fl and you really can't beat the area for great Florida charter fishing trips.

The Reel Busy and Reel Busy Charters is located at Pirates Cove Resort and Marina. This is on the Manatee Pocket, which is a short ride from the St. Lucie Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean. For information on swordfishing, Captain Wayne's evening trips or other Stuart, FL charter fishing aboard the Reel Busy, call 772-288-1332. You can also visit the Reel Busy Charters website at

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