Splash & Relax To Release New Pool & Hot Tub Finders For Online Customers

New pool and hot tub finders will make a customers journey for their product easier and more enjoyable.

Online PR News – 22-July-2015 – Hookwood, Surrey – The online retailer of above ground swimming pools and hot tubs, Splash & Relax, are to launch two brand new elements on their site to help customers find the product they necessitate, easier. With over 1000 swimming pools and hundreds of hot tubs, the business say the product finder's will help narrow down options by criteria to suit a customer's needs. Splash & Relax currently offer a variety of swimming pools including inflatable, metal frame, splasher, rectangular, paddling, wooden and steel pools. The company, based in Surrey, also offer different types of hot tubs including inflatable, portable, swim spa, luxury and garden hot tubs.

Splash & Relax say the pool finder will be made up of the following criteria: product category, brand, shape including circular, rectangular, hexagonal and other and pool length. The hot tub finder will be made up of the following criteria: product category, brand, type whether it be inflatable & portable, luxury or swim spa, amount of people the hot tub can cater for and amount of jets the hot tub provides.

The business have already created shopping experience elements for the website to help customers in their experience, including buying guides across the whole site. Splash & Relax say their buying guides offer customers clarity on various factors when buying a swimming pool or hot tub, including budget and price, size, type and build quality.

Splash & Relax are one of the UK's top online retailers of swimming pools and hot tubs, stocking some of the biggest brands in Europe. These brands include Bestway, Intex, Lay Z Spa, Zodiac, Doughboy and Plastica. The company have also reintroduced their brand pages into a more structured page, allowing customers to find the specific part of that brand they need when searching from products online at Splash & Relax.

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