Award Winning Trading Systems Developer Dean Hoffman to Speak at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas

Award winning trading software developer Dean Hoffman of DH Trading Systems will be speaking at the Las Vegas Traders Expo on November 19th 2010 at Caesars Palace. The Traders Expo is one of the nation’s largest annual trading expos.

Online PR News – 15-September-2010 – – Hampden, PA Traders don’t need to have a million dollar account at a financial institution to have access to a super powerful, trend-following trading system ( ). In this talk, futures trading expert Dean Hoffman explains how his Relativity Trading System gives traders the features, power, and speed of a million dollar trading system at a tiny fraction of the price. Traders will see how Hoffman has combined 5 trading systems ( ) in one, each one working simultaneously to give traders a broader and deeper reach into the futures market. Find out how Relativity is able to cover over 80 futures markets every day, locating prime trading opportunities in each market. But locating opportunities is only part of the picture. Hoffman will also demonstrate the robust risk management features built into Relativity - how it limits risk in every trade, in each sector and for entire portfolios. Relativity is the updated, more powerful and sophisticated evolution of Hoffman's Checkmate trading system, which was named, "One of the top ten trading systems of all time," two years in a row, by Futures Magazine. With over 20 years of experience in futures trading, Hoffman is currently CEO of Hoffman Asset Management. Previously he headed up his own trading firm at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as well as a trading system development company.

This event will be held on November 19th 2010 at Caesars Palace Las Vegas at the Traders Expo. For more information please visit