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Squire Technologies officially opens their Research & Development‚ 'Squire Labs' to the world's Telecommunications industry.

Online PR News – 14-September-2010 – – The engineers of Squire Technologies have been developing unique telecommunication network interconnect solutions for over 20 years. By taking advantage of this unparalleled expertise clients have received efficient, creative and highly specialised solutions developed to their specific needs at a fixed price.

As competition continually increases within the Telecommunications industry companies are focused on new, cost effective ways to differentiate and develop a competitive advantage. Companies often do not have the available resources, the technical ability, nor the time to turn visionary ideas into bespoke development projects. To expedite this process Squire Technologies has now officially opened their Research and Development service 'Squire Labs' to the world's Telecommunications industry.

The level of service available is flexible according to the client's needs. Whether it is idea brainstorming with an expert, feasibility study, execution strategy or custom development; taking the time with professionals makes an idea reality quickly and efficiently.

The key to our efficiency is our experience. Throughout our history we have been collating a 'Solution Module Library'. By combining various modules we are able to greatly shorten the development process, reduce the costs, remove the risk and expediently deliver competitive advantage.

Ensure you get the most out of your innovative ideas. Avoid mistakes, delays and over stretched resources. At Squire Technologies we deliver quick, risk free, professional services.

The world is changing quickly. Ideas make a difference only when they become a reality. Develop your Competitive Advantage before someone else does.

Receive a FREE consultancy session until October 31st 2010 with our Head of R&D and discuss your plans for the future with Squire Technologies.

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