Years Later And The Need For Tarps Still Remains In New Orleans

The anniversary of Katrina has come and gone but many people still live in homes with no roofs and need tarps for coverage.

Online PR News – 14-September-2010 – – New Orleans, five years after Hurricane Katrina, still needs tarps for their homes. People live with half covered roofs on their homes on the anniversary of that terrible day when the town was virtually destroyed. The hurricane hit, the levees gave away, flooding the town. Many were killed, almost all made homeless with absolute panic everywhere. Today, some repairs have been made, but one still sees canvas tarps on some of the buildings to keep out the elements.

President Obama and his wife visited the area and he made a pledge to have the government supply more assistance to these needy people. Pictures show the many homes that are still standing in ruins as well as roads and other things that are badly in need of repair. Even after this length of time, there is much work to be done.

When the tragedy struck, many companies in the United States and other countries sent supplies, food and other necessities to the people. Among them were canvas tarps which supplied very badly needed shelter. The durability of these tarps is evident in the town today as the original ones are still being used.

These canvas tarps are so well constructed that even the rains and the hot sun of summer, which have appeared with changes in the seasons, have not been able to cause them to rot or disintegrate. This shows what good quality they are made of as well as their durability. They are still holding strong.

The leading tarp supplier in the U.S. still actively send tarps to New Orleans all the time but there is still much work needed.

During this tragedy, Tarps Plus was fast to act in getting them on the scene. A number of truckloads were dispatched as well as personnel to assist in any way possible. It was through their good deed that many of the people were able to survive this terrible storm. The hospital and all medical facilities were destroyed so, for awhile, they were used to protect those who were injured, until they could be evacuated.

A resident of the hurricane stricken area stated, "Our home is still standing but the roof is ripped off. We placed a poly tarp on it and it flew away last year. We would put a canvas tarp up but they cost more and money is tight."

As people were rescued from trees, tops of houses and other locations they were transported to shelters made of canvas tarp. They provided protection from the cold, wet ground as well as the weather. These tarps were also used by the rescue personnel as a place to sleep as well as provide protection for the many supplies that were on hand.

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