AppFabric Caching Software Release to Revive BizTalk Application Development

AppFabric Caching software is sure to revive BizTalk application development industry as it is developed to enhance the process and add higher scalability to the applications.

Online PR News – 14-September-2010 – – There is no doubt that today there is more demand for speed and scalability in Biztalk application development industry. Microsoft has also got a hint into it and so has introduced AppFabric caching software for BizTalk which provides the versatility of both speed and scalability to the application. The software also makes it really easy for the BizTalk developer to develop highly complex applications.

Currently the beta version of Windows Server AppFabric supported BizTalk Server 2010 can be found. Many BizTalk application development companies have tried the new product and have different opinions. Some feel that Microsoft has given a solid answer to all platforms of developing web applications by introducing AppFabirc caching.

A weighty advantage of Appforce is, its components add momentum to the Biztalk application development process. They also help in making the application highly scalable, wherein it becomes easy to make changes to the existing application as required from time to time. Other components in the caching software help simplify the development and management of complex web applications built using Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation.

Burley Kawasaki, Director, Developer Platform Management, Microsoft defines AppFabric for BizTalk application development as an add-on for Windows server to enhance their performance. These enhancements can be in-memory caching which can immensely fasten the web applications and are codenamed Velocity. All those who want to try it can download it from Microsoft’s website. A BizTalk developer can also go for a beta version.

“There is no doubt that B2B capabilities and AppFabric are the key improvements seen in BizTalk Server 2010. These enhancements will definitely make it much easier to use BizTalk for BizTalk application development” said Director, Tatvasoft.

About BizTalk : An excellent tool to merge applications running whether in house or outside is BizTalk. It is an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool which uses xml for communication and works on the bases of content-based publish/subscribe architecture.