Simplest Hair Regrowth Treatment In The World

Herbal-H Hair Treatment Inc. releases the simplest and most effective hair loss treatment for men. A new hair regrowth formula uses powerful herbal extracts with FDA approved ingredient minoxidil to penetrate damaged hair follicles and regrow hair.

Online PR News – 14-September-2010 – – If you are suffering from a serious hair loss problem then the Herbal-H hair regrowth treatment is the right solution for you. When looking at other companies working on the same concept and problems, they only provide solutions for the hair loss i.e. they stop the hair from falling by minimizing the effects caused by DHT. But at Herbal-H, hair regrowth process is also initiated. Not only they help you from stopping the hair fall but also achieving hair growth. Herbal-H specializes in the initiation of the hair growth from the mother cell vitality. It prevents baldness with a technique that is completely herbal. Herbal-H with their herbal process stops the hair fall by increasing the blood circulation and also by providing nutrition to the skin and scalp for the development of new hair. Hair follicles are the physical part from which the hair actually grows and when these follicles are dead, hair fall begins.

The hair follicles are activated and charged by this process and the Herbal-H solution regains the function of growing hair. Herbal-H has also announced the New Penetrating Peel Technology for the hair regrowth process. By changing the arrangements of the cuticle cells, this new technology helps in increasing the permeation of angelica sinensis and thus enlarging the mechanism of the sweat glands which leads to hair regrowth. The solution in evenly divided into a 3 month period and will accelerate the skin’s micro circulation and forces the capillary vessel dilation to take hair growth to a different level. Herbal-H offers the technique of reducing hair fall and increasing hair regrowth using advanced transdermal techniques. When you are in the sunlight, the permeation capability of your skin will be enhanced, and the powerful herbal ingredients will also be absorbed more easily.

Furthermore, the unique formula triggers new hair to grow by providing nutrition to the scalp and cleaning the dirty deposits between your hair. These techniques are completely toxic free and highly efficient. All the liquid sprays at Herbal-H are clinically tested under sophisticated bio-engineering and are made from pure herbal ingredients. Also the company claims new hair regrowth can be seen in as little as 15 days. Herbal-H is the safest, most advanced hair growth product and does not caused any dangerous side effects. The Herbal-H formula has been tested by human tryout examinations. If you are getting scared looking at your hair fall than contact Herbal-H on their website For any queries regarding hair fall and its solution, Herbal-H is always ready to assist you by telephone at toll-free number 1-866-978-9987. Change your life in days with Herbal-H hair regrowth spray. Herbal-H is dedicated to help you regain your hair and that is why they are offering free shipping to any country in the world.