Toffee - flavour your water with caramel!

As part of a selection of flavours for carbonated water Aromhuset are now launching Toffee, expected to be a sure-fire hit with the kids.

Online PR News – 13-September-2010 – – Toffee is one of around 20 flavours that Gert Strand AB has developed under the brand name Aromhuset. The taste is soft and sweet, and reminiscent of caramel candy. At the same time it is totally free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, making it an excellent choice for the children when sugar consumption is an issue. It also means that Aromhuset's essences are suitable for diabetics, or simply people who are looking to restrict their intake of sugar and chemical additives.

In Aromhuset's range there are around 20 different flavours for carbonated water; Toffee was developed especially for children, but the selection includes everything from classic fruit flavours to more exotic and mature tastes. All the flavours can be mixed together and added in whatever quantities you choose. Gert Strand recommends 2 ml of essence per litre of water, but if you enjoy strong flavours then just add a little more. For a strength about the same as that found in shop-bought mineral water use a little less. Measuring the dosage is simple, using either the cap from the bottle, which measures 3 ml, or the specially provided pipette.

"It is no problem to add the flavour immediately prior to consumption, but to give it a chance to develop its full potential it should ideally be added the day before. Make sure the water is cold to preserve the carbonation," says salesman Thomas Ström.

It works equally well with either bottled soda-water or home-carbonated water, although the latter is naturally both more economical and better for the environment.

All the flavours can be mixed together, and Toffee works especially well with either Vanilla or Banana, which create soft-toned yet exciting flavours ideally suited for children's taste-buds.

Each bottle of essence contains 30 ml, and is enough for about 15 litres of carbonated water (depending on what dosage you decide upon). The essences are developed for carbonated water but can be used for other things. Toffee for example works very well in treats or homemade ice-cream . Trial and error is the best method for finding the dosage you prefer, but remember that the essences have a very intense flavour, so starting with too little is preferable to too much.

Gert Strand AB is seeking more importers for his innovative essences. He maintains that the essences, which are free from both sugar and artificial sweeteners, are precisely what all health-conscious people today are looking for - a way to bring flavour into their life without compromising their health. All Aromhuset's flavours can be found today at

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