Man Behind Multiple 6-Digit Income Clickbank Launches To Release Own Tutorial Program To Public

Previous Launches Include CB Wealth Formula, Blogging Espionage, Mobile Monopoly

Online PR News – 13-September-2010 – – Product launches are some of the most profitable venues for affiliate marketers. The hype, expectations and eagerness of individuals make them a virtual profit bonanza for affiliate marketers.

Oli Tee, the man responsible for Zero Down Traffic Blueprint, knows this all too well.

Tee has worked behind the scenes to launch other successful products, including CB Wealth Formula, Blogging Espionage and Mobile Monopoly. He has created and followed a system based on his experiences with these launches, and Zero Down Traffic Blueprint is the name he gave to his system.

He had conducted a 7-day test using a 40-minute video and claimed that it pulled in over $70k, and converted slightly over 3.5% with a $2.90 EPC.

He had achieved these launch values even without a proper pre-launch, backend and sales letter – other more advanced tools to increase a product’s visibility in the eyes of the consumer. Tee claims that "previous launches using the whole gamut of tools brought in $180,000" during the launch of a traffic-generation product while another launch using a one-hour webinar brought in $100,000.

The main content of the Zero Down Traffic Blueprint Bonus teaches people how to successfully launch their products. It also involves the use of Clickbank to track the process; ensuring that profits are maximized while liabilities are spotted and eliminated. Pre-fabricated banners, email promotions, reviews and templates are also packaged in with the system to make the process easier for the user.

Oli Tee is also looking for joint venture partners to launch his own system, which is slated for public release on September 21, 2010.

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