Benzo Fury 6-APB Prices Slashed Permenantly!

Prices permanently reduced for 6-APB powder and capsules at

Online PR News – 12-September-2010 – – 6-APB is without doubt THE most popular chemical of 2010 so far.

We at were one of the first retailers to offer this to our researcher's and the response has been excellent. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive overall and we are proud to have been one of the first to bring this superb chemical to the market.

Having said that there are many other vendors offering this chemical now, some good and some bad but one thing that we know is that customers perceive better value for money when the price is reduced somewhat.

After trialing the product at a new lower prices last week the response and feedback from our customers could not have been better. We are all about excellent products, great service and most of all value for money. It's for this reason that we have decided to permanently reduce the price of our 6-APB as we feel that the new prices best represents the product's true value.

6-APB still does command a premium over other products on pricing gram for gram, although we do feel that this is justified due to the quality and cost to buy this product in. That said the prices have been slashed by upto 40% and this will take effect as of Monday 13-09-2010!

This is great news to you as you can be assured that you are buying 100% pure, 100% legal and 100% uncut 6-APB at almost half the price of some sellers. We even have our test results from independent labs available for all to see online on the product pages for you skeptical souls out there (and rightly so!).

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We thank you for all for your custom upto now and hope that you will continue to enjoy our great products and customer service for years to come.

As with all of our products 6-APB is strictly for over 18's and lab tests only and is not for human consumption!