Tea Trader Reserve Brings Iced Tea Blends to a New Level

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than a glass of flavorful iced tea. Although tea has been around for almost five-thousand years, iced tea rose to a new level of popularity at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

Online PR News – 12-September-2010 – – On that sweltering hot day, plantation owner Richard Blechynden realized that the only way he could get fairgoers to drink his tea was to pour it over ice. Perusing 19th century British and American cookbooks will show a variety of drink recipes that feature iced tea (most with an added kick from alcohol), but Blechynden is credited with bringing iced tea to the mainstream in America.

We love iced tea so much that a huge 85% of tea consumed in the U.S. is iced, according to the U.S. Tea Council. Iced tea has become an important part of a health conscious lifestyle, as it contains flavanoids, which are believed to have anti-oxidant properties, and contains no sodium, fat, or sugar. Research has shown tea to be beneficial in fighting diseases such as cancer, heart disease and low bone density.

Tea may be healthy, but it also has to taste great. There is an art and science to creating the best iced tea blends. Tea Trader Reserve, a division of Phoenix-based Coffee Reserve Brands, is an iced tea wholesaler and blender with a passion for fresh brewed traditional and flavored black, green, white iced tea blends. Tea Trader Reserve produces refreshing iced tea blends for the food service industry, servicing restaurants and hotels nationwide.
Tea Trader Reserve procures the finest teas from around the world and puts their expertise to work creating crisp, delicious iced teas infused with the perfect blend of flavors. The company has recently created imaginative and delicious tea blends like Cherry Cola, Tangerine Cream Green Tea and Pina Colada.
Tea Trader Reserve has a long-standing relationship with Pei Wei Asian Diner, a division of P.F. Chang’s Asian Bistro. Pei Wei restaurants maintain the same dedication to quality and attention to detail as their parent company bistros, and rely on the quality of proprietary iced tea blends from Tea Trader Reserve to enhance their menu and delight restaurant guests. Pei Wei’s Mandarin Orange Green Tea and Chai Black tea are both custom blended for the company. According to Mary Melton of P.F. Chang’s, our tasting panel reviewed, tasted and evaluated the blends as they were being developed, working with Tea Trader Reserve to come up with the popular blends.
According to Melton, “The Pei Wei teas get a lot of attention from our guests. They call all the time about the blends to say they’re addicted to them.” She goes on to explain that P.F. Chang’s values the relationship they have established with Coffee Reserve Brands. “They have great quality, excellent coffee and tea, and they are a very passionate company with lots of integrity,” Melton says, adding, “we view Coffee Reserve Brands and Tea Trader Reserve as a valued partner helping us offer the finest Iced Teas available.”

Tea Trader Reserve continues to enhance the increasingly popular world of iced tea by creating the finest iced tea blends for the food service industry, featuring private labeled iced tea and proprietary blends that build and enhance customer brands. The company specializes in packaging and blending to customers’ specifications.