New Harmonium and Tabla Store Launched Online

A New International Online Tabla and Harmonium Store has been launched which allows you to order these instruments online and get them despatched to any part of the world .

Online PR News – 12-September-2010 – – A New Tabla and Harmonium Store has been launched which allows you to obtain Tablas and Harmoniums in any part of the world . This is great news for instrument players in all parts of the world since they can now order these instruments with extensive ease no matter where they reside in the world .
This is great news for the traditional Indian music lovers and instrument players who can now fulfill their desire of having their own table or harmonium set delivered to them without any great hassle . This will also help promote these traditional Indian instruments outside India where they are quite difficult to obtain .
Harmonium and Tabla have for long been the most popular of Indian musical instruments . The Sikh use Tabla and Harmonium extensively when reciting their Kirtan . So both these instruments are very important to the Sikhs as well .
The harmonium was invented in Paris in the 1840s by Alexandre Debain, though there was concurrent development of similar instruments in other parts of the tabla . It came to India in the mid Nineteenth century and after several modifications it became the most popular musical instrument In India .
Similarly Tabla , more popular in North India , according to one account was invented in 13 th century by celebrated poet Amir Khusro who splitted the Sount Indian Mridangam into two . According to other stories it was developed around 18 th century with Ustad Suddhar Khan of Delhi being the first verifiable player .
Harmonium and Tabla have ever since gained in popularity in India and can be found in many Indian homes . It therefore is our duty to share ths great Indian treasure with the world and help our friends around the world to access them and learn them . With that endeavour in mind this Great international Tabla and harmonium Store has been launched to fulfill the Tabla and Harmonium Needs of people around the Globe .
The Store can be found online at