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“Prisqua” shares her advice as well as her life on her portal and blog about women and their desires and lives.

Online PR News – 12-September-2010 – – (Maroochydore, QLD, Australia), August 30 2010 -- The battle of the sexes can be quite ferocious, and lead to the breakup of relationships which occurs when men do not understand what women desire and therefore do not respond to these desires. And because men often will not admit that they do not understand their female partners, let alone ask them what they desire, many a promising relationship has ended.

The blogger “Prisqua” therefore has decided to share her advice and experiences about the battle of the sexes, from her feminine perspective as someone who has been divorced from a man who was unable to understand her, on her extensive blog and relationship portal, includes the author’s diaries, where she uses her personal experiences to show readers what a modern woman looks for and wants in relationships, as well as whimsical entries such as discussing the possibilities of spending time on an island with an inverse mermaid, where the top part is a fish and the bottom part is human, as a way to illustrate how men and women think. In addition, Prisqua uses such diverse topics as music and personal grooming to illustrate her views about personal relationships.

The site also contains humorous parenting advice, particularly intended for parents of teenagers who are exploring their personal independence but still need guidance and instruction so that they indeed do mature and become independent adults.

In short, is a full presentation of how a modern woman views herself in relationships as well as in parenting. A man who is looking to understand his partner’s thoughts and desires could do no better than carefully reading over and over again, especially as it is constantly updated.

About Prisqua

Prisqua is the eponymous author of, in which she shares advice about women’s issues, especially relationships and parenting.


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