Classic Bestseller How to Make Money in Stocks Now Expanded Into Complete Investing System

Classic Bestseller How to Make Money in Stocks
Now Expanded Into Complete Investing System

Online PR News – 12-September-2010 – – September 7, 2010 (Los Angeles) Through all the stock market’s ups and downs over the last three
decades – including the recent financial crisis, William J. O’Neil’s classic bestseller, How to Make
Money in Stocks, has given over 2 million readers the #1 growth strategy* they need to invest safely
and successfully.

Now to make it even easier to use, O’Neil has released a comprehensive package that combines this
strategy with all the tools and training needed to apply it: the first-ever How to Make Money in Stocks
Complete Investing System. It’s an all-in-one package merging the book with proprietary investing
tools, exclusive stock lists, face-to-face training, and daily market analysis that new and seasoned
investors have been using for years to grow and protect their money.

“A proven strategy is the starting point,” said O’Neil. “But most people need help getting started.
That’s why we created the Complete Investing System to make sure people have full access to the
proprietary ratings, stock alerts, and market-tracking tools they need to determine what to buy, when to
buy, and when to sell. We’ve also included admission to a live, in-person seminar where people can
ask questions and see exactly how to use these rules in the current market.”

What’s Included in the Complete Investing System?
With a suggested retail price of just $29.95, the How to Make Money in Stocks Complete Investing
System has over $100 of exclusive investing tools and training, including:

How to Make Money in Stocks
This revised 4th edition outlines the CAN SLIM® Investing
System – the #1 growth strategy from 1998 – 2009.* O’Neil also
recounts how the CAN SLIM System’s rules protected investors in the recent financial crisis, and how anyone can apply it to invest intelligently — and safely — in any market.
The Complete Investing System edition also engages readers with an all-new interactive bonus chapter, “Test Your Knowledge.”

One month of eIBD™
To make sure readers have the tools to apply what they learn in the book, the Complete Investing System includes one month of eIBD, the digital edition of Investor’s Business Daily, featuring: daily alerts to top-rated stocks, Pass/Neutral/Fail ratings for every stock, and a proven 3-stage system that indicates if now is the time to get
into – or out of – the market.

Action Plan DVD
This 15-minute DVD gives viewers an easy-to-follow, 4-step
action plan. It explains how the best stocks display 7 common
traits just before they surge. Then, it shows how to find stocks that have those same traits right now. Everything needed to apply this action plan is included in the Complete Investing System.

IBD Live Investing Workshop
Also included is admission to an IBD Level I Investing Workshop held in cities nationwide. This 3-hour seminar brings the book to life with current market examples, Q&A with IBD experts, and a simple, time-saving routine.

America’s #1 Growth Strategy: 1998 to 2009

Long considered a must-read for anyone who wants to know how the stock market really works, How to
Make Money in Stocks is the official guide to the CAN SLIM® Investing System – the #1 growth
strategy, according to a 12-year independent study by the American Association of Individual

The CAN SLIM System is based on a simple concept: To find tomorrow’s winning stocks, it helps to
know what past winners looked like before they made their biggest price increases.

In the 1960s, O’Neil launched a unique, ongoing study that has now analyzed every market cycle and
top-performing stock going back more than 120 years. It found that decade after decade, the best performing
stocks display 7 common traits just before they make their greatest gains.

Each letter of “CAN SLIM” stands for one of those traits, providing a checklist that helps investors
identify which stocks today are displaying those same characteristics today.

O’Neil also studied what happens to leading stocks after they’ve had a big run, and how the overall
market direction affects individual stocks. Just as stocks share certain traits before they surge, they also
flash similar warning signs before they decline. The CAN SLIM System shows investors how to spot
those signals – as well as important changes in market trends – to help sell at the right time to lock in

Why Launch The Complete Investing System Now?

The market volatility in 2008 – 2009 hurt many investors, but not those who knew some simple sell
rules and had a basic understanding of market history. That's because the recent downturn had the same
characteristics of past market cycles, patterns that have repeated themselves since the 1880s. Investors
who understood that and followed the CAN SLIM System avoided the big damage and came away with
their portfolios – and confidence – intact.
“That’s the real story behind CAN SLIM investing – the success of investors who follow these rules,"
noted O'Neil.

"That's why we decided to launch the Complete Investing System now. There’s never been a more
critical time for people to learn to invest intelligently and safely. And this new package has everything
investors need to be successful. If you follow the strategy and use the tools in the Complete Investing
System, you positively can build lifelong financial freedom. Countless IBD readers from all walks of
life have done it. You can do it too.”

The How to Make Money in Stocks Complete Investing System is available now wherever books are

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About William J. O’Neil
William J. (Bill) O’Neil is considered one of the most influential investors of his time. In the 1960’s, at
age 30, he became the youngest person at that time to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.
O’Neil was the first to use computers to analyze performance variables, and he pioneered landmark
research that identified seven performance traits of the greatest market leaders before they market heir
biggest price moves. His research became the basis of one of the most successful investment growth
strategies today: the CAN SLIM Investment System. Mr. O’Neil launched Investor’s Business Daily
(IBD) in 1984, followed by the award-winning web site He is the author of numerous
bestselling books including the international classic How to Make Money in Stocks, The Successful
Investor and 24 Essential Lessons to Investing Success.
*The American Association of Individual Investors' independent "real time" study found IBD’s CAN
SLIM Investment System achieved +2763.3% vs. S&P 500 +14.9% for the past 12 years (January 1998
through December 31 2009, AAII Stock Screen).

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