Pinch of Awesome Launches Ferrum For Private Mobile Browsing

Ferrum, the latest private browser for Android, delivers secure, incognito browsing with PIN-protected personal data.

Online PR News – 02-July-2015 – Philadelphia, PA – Web browsing activity is far from private. Anyone using your phone or tablet can access your history, bookmarks, searches, and any sites you're logged into. While enabling incognito on your browser can cover your tracks, it suggests you have something to hide, and even you won't have access to your own browsing history or searches.

Web enhancing app development company Pinch of Awesome is excited to announce Ferrum, a more convenient alternative Android browser for anyone concerned about privacy on the web.

By default, Ferrum is an inconspicuous, incognito browser with no indication that the user is browsing anonymously. However, holding the "Refresh" button opens a discreet pin pad to unlock a personal browser including your secure data. Once logged in, the user can access their browsing history, bookmarks, saved passwords, and settings.

With Ferrum, users' personal browsing activity is protected against snoops, thieves, friends, and anyone else who gets ahold of their phone or tablet. Whether browsing adult content, researching a sensitive medical condition, shopping for a private gift, or searching for the answer to an embarrassing question, Ferrum users can boldly browse the web worry-free, allowing others to use their device without feeling anxious about what they'll find.

Ferrum's key features include:

- Default incognito browser with no saved data or cookies
- Inconspicuous PIN entry
- PIN-protected personal browser with saved history, bookmarks, and passwords
- Custom logout settings
- Tabbed browsing
- Quick and light footprint
- Android 4.0.3+ support across multiple devices

Download Ferrum for free from the Google Play store.

Google Play Store link:

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