Improve Your Latency in MMOs with WTFast

WTFast presents the ultimate solution for improving latency rates in online games such as MMOs

Online PR News – 02-July-2015 – Kelowna – Any MMO player, particularly those who regularly engage in PvP combat, need the most reliable and fastest connections that they can get in order to win over their enemies consistently. WTFast presents the perfect solution by way of its private network for gamers that optimises the transmission of game data between your computer and the remote game server. The free client download allows you to connect directly to the GPN whenever you're in the mood to play, and once you're in the game, it will provide an optimal connection that uses your Internet connection to its fullest potential by minimising lag, disconnects and increasing performance significantly. WTFast is available in three forms: Free, Basic and Advanced, the latter two having an affordable subscription program that you can pay for as you require it for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months as required.

By connecting through this gamer's private network, you'll have a clear advantage over your opponents, particularly over those with slower Internet connections. When every millisecond counts in a PvP battle, you need to have the best connection available to you in order to have a chance at winning consistently, and this is precisely where WTFast comes in. It supports a multitude of games, including popular titles such as Word of Warcraft, Diablo, Tera, Guild Wars, League of Legends, Aion and much more. Although WTFast supports virtually all online games, it provides custom configurations for all of the above and many more, and you can find a full list at .