Indie publisher Daccord Press says BARNES @ NOBLE IS IN FREEFALL

Daccord Press an Indie POD publisher member of Independent Publishers Association labels BKS a failing bookstore chain because BKS belies Indie POD publishers

Online PR News – 01-July-2015 – Albany, New York – Daccord Press, an Indie publisher with a 5* editorial review self-help title not to be found in any BKS store finds fault with a bookstore chain business model that keeps Indie POD publishers from their stores based on allowing customers to return books—while independent bookstores display Indie POD publishers on a special value bookshelf, BKS customers flock to online sellers like Amazon for self-help books they want to read at a price they can afford because they won't pay the price for the privilege of the book return.

The books Daccord Press publishes are tailored for readers attuned to the visuals of an Iphone age, while the BKS business model for "returns allowed" self-helps are over edited in a Chicago style meandering to the point, ARE YOUR EMPOWERED???-the Basics by Authors Guild member Cynthia Lynn is "Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, practical, candid, informed and informative. Especially accessible and recommended for non-specialist general readers seeking to improve the quality of their lives and life experiences," said MIDWEST REVIEW in the June, 2015 issue.

A business model that keeps POD Indie publishers like Daccord Press from selling a lead title book that at 164 pages 5 X 8 with Table Of Contents + full Index & 70 website illustrations, includes a NOTES page, is wrong-headed, proof positive is that BKS CEO's change chairs to find a profitability model for their failing book chain, yet are oblivious to the modern day book selling fact: the additional plus of a $7.50 US selling price for self-help is what customers crave but can't be found at Barnes & Noble.