Traffic Siphon Review - Traffic Siphon Utilizes Alternative Web Traffic Sources

Marketers Behind ‘Google Sniper’ and ‘Traffic Ultimatum’ Collaborate
Combined Efforts Produce “Traffic Siphon” Program

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – Newcomers and veterans alike are finding themselves in an increasingly competitive Internet, and the people behind the Internet’s marketing power are not making it easy.

Recent changes in search engine infrastructure and policies have made traditional web traffic pipelines obsolete. Email hosts implement increasingly stricter guidelines on email. Advertising on popular websites is already at a saturating point.

“It’s just not as easy to get in the top ranks as it was back in the day” one veteran affiliate marketer chirps in the WarriorForum – a popular internet BBS forum for marketers.

There are, however, individuals that keep a sharp eye on these changes in order to adapt accordingly – individuals like George Brown and Andrew X.

George Brown is more commonly known for his work in Google Sniper, while Andrew X is the man behind Traffic Ultimatum. Both are affiliate marketing programs that take unique approaches to business, and both have their ups and downs.

Mutual interests have brought these two men together; producing an affiliate marketing program they call Traffic Siphon.

The specifics of these tools, however, are kept tightly in check. What these two men have released, however, indicates that this program will focus on methods that brings boatful of direct free traffic towards a website. This has been promised to reduce if not completely eliminate expenditures on the user’s part.

George Brown and Andrew X have also indicated that this particular program will update and integrate their previous programs, which include Google Sniper, Traffic Ultimatum, Affiliate Launcher, My ClickBank Business, Auto Profit Launcher and My Membership Empire.

While the official launch of Traffic Siphon is slated at September 14, it is currently in the prelaunch stage to prepare users for the final product.

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