Sizers® shoe cushions have been specially designed for women to effectively reduce the size of closed-toe footwear, putting an end to ill-fitting shoes forever.

Online PR News – 01-July-2015 – London, UK – World’s Only Shoe Sizing Cushion

In an age where the average woman’s shoe size has increased by two sizes and nearly twice as many will wear shoes that are too small than too big, shoe size matters. We believe that women should be able to wear whatever shoes they want. Whether their shoes are a little loose, they’re between sizes, or they just want to borrow their friend’s party shoes. Enter, Sizers.

Sizers® are a revolutionary, foot care line of shoe cushions designed for every woman. These soft, discreet shoe-sizing cushions are invisible when worn inside your shoes. Pop Sizers into the toe box of your too big stiletto shoes or boots, and feel how snugly they fit. This clever, reusable shoe invention is available in three sizes, designed to resize loose shoes by a quarter, half, or one shoe size to create the perfect fit. The one size fits all is crafted using a high performance medical-grade foam, offering cushioning for your toes whilst preventing skin irritation and blisters. Sizers will repel moisture, odor and sweat so “when you sweat, they won't create a smell and lose their shape”.

Sizers is the brainchild of Lavina Bonar, who “struggled for years to find shoes that fit my standard sized feet”. “Women have always found it challenging to find the perfect shoe fit as more than 90% have one foot bigger than the other, and this is increasingly made harder by many shoe manufacturers not offering half sizes. I’m a UK size five, but in some footwear brands the five is too loose and the four is too small. I’m forced to either wear the five and slip around in them, or squash my feet into the four and endure agony for hours because of the lack of half sizes”.

Lavina hopes to empower women with the solution-based range and enable them to wear the shoes they want. “I want to empower women to wear whatever shoes they want, without ending up with cuts and blisters all over their feet. If you’re between sizes and can’t find a half size all you have to do is size up, pop in a pair of half Sizers and voilà, you’ve got the perfect fit”.