A Fundraiser for Change sponsored by HH Sheikha Arwa Al Qassimi

According to a recent Indian government committee constituted to estimate poverty, nearly 38% of India's population (380 million) is poor. Food for Change (FFC)

Online PR News – 30-June-2015 – TX – Charity, defined as generous actions or donations which aid the ill, helpless, or poor is a noble deed. Those who are underprivileged and deprived of the basic necessities of life are helped by a number of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), which aim to solve many of the problems faced by those in need. In order for these NGOs to operate effectively, they must have sufficient funds. However, collecting corporate and individual contributions takes time - valuable time that could be spent actually helping those in need. A recent event sponsored by Princess Arwa Al Qassimi in Bangalore generated funds for the NGOs to use in their noble endeavours. Guests were served foods prepared especially for the occasion by chefs from famous five-star restaurants. NGOs used the event as a platform to provide an overview of their programs, highlighting which area of impoverishment they address. They shared how they accomplish their individual goal to bring hope and joy to the lives they work to improve. Under the patronage of Princess Arwa Al Qassimi, the event about http://bluesea590.smugmug.com/Sample-Gallery/i-TPpfqbn/0/M/2-M.jpg was a huge success. Many generous contributions were collected and distributed to the NGOs. Donors appreciated being able to personally select the NGO whose program they wished to support. The guests reveled in the joy of being part of a social change with their small individual or corporate contributions of Rs.5000 towards this worthy cause of choice. A hundred percent of all donations were channeled to the organization of the donor's choice. All the funds that were raised were given to NGOs to fund their programs which were geared towards educating children, providing shelter to the elderly, subsidizing medical costs for poor patients, rehabilitating mentally ill homeless women and reaching out to more underprivileged people.