establishes a presence in Washington D.C.

The National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS) in partnership with Foundups Corp. launches to encourage individuals and company to join the fight against resume fraud by empowering individuals to protect their personal information data from being manipulated or abused by becoming verified.

Online PR News – 11-September-2010 – – A crisis is brewing and very little is being done to stop it. "The U.S. and Indian job market is being flooded with fraudulent resumes. It is growing problem that threaten both U.S. and India’s businesses and the honest people seeking employment. Fraud is perpetuating more fraud. And it is getting out of control" said NOSTOPS founder Mr. Rajiv Dabhadkar "A lot of the fraud is not even being perpetrated by the worker but by thousands of H-1B companies that are aggressively competition to submit the best looking candidate."

According to the USCIS, 2008 H-1B Benefit Fraud & Compliance Assessment, 13% of all H-1B applications are fraudulent and 21% of H-1B service corps was in violation of U.S.Immigration law. Another independent report by KPMG on fraud report highlights the urgent need for action from management of companies against fraud.

The recent 'India Fraud Survey Report - 2010' by KPMG emphasizes the alarming rise in fraudulent documentation by employees. The delay in processing of visas for Indian knowledge workers by host nations, due to their stringent immigration border control policies, restrict the outward mobility & increase costs to their employers. Efforts therefore are made to scrutinize and verify their applicant pool.

Since 2004 NOSTOPS has been bringing awareness to a growing movement of knowledge capital across borders and trying to bring about legislative changes and reforms. With a new presence in Washington D.C., Foundups Corp and NOSTOPS have partnered to launch and a new strategic initiative to bring about a grass roots "change movement" targeting early adapter company partners that will help join NOSTOPS in battling resume.

NOSTOPS goals are :
- Creating an open H-1B employment system void of fraud
- Reduction of corporate expose to resume fraud
- Significantly reduce corporate HR employee validation expense
- Identify employee gaps in employment, and rehire them
- Actively promote circular migration across borders is an Open Registry of verified and background screened knowledge workers that aim to bring about Transparency, Accountability, Reliability and Professionalism in the global labor market across borders.

Talking at the web site launch in Washington D.C., Mr. Michael Trout, CEO –, emphasized on the need for individuals to think of their resume as their personal information data (PID) and that it is their responsibility to make sure that it is secure and correct so that it cannot be manipulated by others. "We aim unite the partners and to develop the technology that will once and for all eliminate resume fraud and help make the job market open and free from abuse. IndiaVerified is just the pilot and over the next couple of years Trout plans on releasing,, and "The problem of CV fraud is a global one and as globalization occurs it will become an even bigger problem. It is already massive and costing corporations billions. We don't think corporations should have to pay. Resume fraud is an enemy to all and it must be stopped."

Founder & President of NOSTOPS, Rajiv Dabhadkar has been striving hard to set right this growing crisis and to enhance the exchange of the migrant knowledge workers across borders. He added "Through this initiative we hope to begin making the individual more competent and accountable by providing them an opportunity to do the right thing in protecting their professional identity; and to be sought by the employers rather than trying to beat the system and choose to be transparent and accountable by getting their CV verified to be gainfully employed." said Mr. Dabhadkar.

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The National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS) is registered under the Maharashtra Societies Registration Act 1960.

The National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS) strives to enhance the professionalism of its members. Accordingly, "NOSTOPS" has been advocating reforms to the guest worker program in the United States, where a majority of Indian knowledge workers travel for work.

NOSTOPS has been performing as an advocacy organization to other tech worker organizations and job seekers alike.NOSTOPS has developed a methodology of Professional Practice Guidelines to assist NOSTOPS member in their pursuit of seeking employment opportunities.

NOSTOPS has close to 1,000,000 members - most of them being employees of large firms in the organized sector, from across the globe but mainly of Indian origin.

NOSTOPS will aim to present employers, India's rich labour talent pool that has been 'verified' & 'background checked'.

NOSTOPS has strategic partnerships with other firms and domain experts for a cause that is to create an "Industry Platform", to improve "Ethics & Standards", to become an "Important Voice", to be heard at the right quarters, to remove the hurdles & foster the growth of this industry. NOSTOPS does this via its Strategic initiative to partner with early adapter companies

NOSTOPS and its members promises to provide outstanding professional service that rests on the quality, ethics and integrity of relationships with clients, colleagues, employers and the public.

About Foundups Corp:

Founded in 2010, the Foundups Corp is a Delaware corporation, with its corporate headquarters in Washington D.C. Foundup Corp provides startup development services for establishing innovative startup. A Foundup is "a founder with an idea for a lean startup bootstrapping a proof of concept." Foundup Corp partners with individuals and existing groups to help them turn Foundups into successful startups. Other projects of Foundup Corp is involved with is Wiktitube.TV,,, In 2011, Foundup Corp will produce The Foundup Week Global Entrepreneurial Fringe Festival. The festival aims to introduce its Foundup vision to the world by establishing 1000 Open Incubators, 500 Foundup Lab (educational programs for colleges and High School), 10,000 resident Foundups and over 100,000 Foundup ideas on and its youth website Trout seeks to make 2011 the year of the Foundup.

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For more information, please contact:

Rajiv Dabhadkar
Founder - National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals
(908) 422 7808

Michael J. Trout
CEO, (Foundups Corp.)
(202) 643 3848

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