Kexxel Group: Negotiate To Win Masterclass by Jim Thomas promises to help Singaporean businesses

World-class negotiating skills for world-class, win-win agreements facilitated by superstar negotiator Jim Thomas.

Online PR News – 30-June-2015 – Singapore – The vibrant city-state of Singapore had the privilege of welcoming legendary negotiator, Jim Thomas, for his Negotiate To Win Masterclass course hosted by Kexxel Group. The popular and affable speaker impressed 15 business leaders and decision-makers on the various techniques involved behind every successful negotiation.

Members of the audience were kept on their toes throughout the intensive session as Jim put them through the paces, teaching the keen group secrets of crafting their very own personal art of negotiation and most importantly ways to guarantee continued results in business dealings. Jim, known for his powerful presentations, ensured the crowd utilized such essential principles to dramatically jump-start their negotiating skills.

A significant aspect of the seminar was the fellowship that developed between the excited participants as the many diverse team exercises led to an amplified feeling of friendly competition and the frequent passionate discussions ignited a sense that everyone was thoroughly enjoying the workshop.

Overall the event was a resounding accomplishment given that all those who took part managed to absorb the many effective practical approaches to negotiation and learnt to apply it in real-world situations.

Take-aways from the attendees:

“Jim is highly experienced and his workshop was full of humour, wisdom but at the same time a no-nonsense approach to negotiation. I found the seminar most useful because it was straightforward and not too academic.”
J. Peter Jessen, Partner, Jebsen & Jessen

“Jim is extremely experienced and could quote valuable lessons from real-life high profile negotiation situations and he also speaks superbly well. The trainer broke down the negotiation process effectively and focused on the core skills well. Kexxel Group’s organization of the event was good and overall the seminar was very enigmatic.”
Steven Chung, Head, Events & Programmes, Sentosa Development Corporation

“The trainer is very experienced and knowledgeable; he also shared some very interesting case studies. The key strengths of the event were Jim keeping the class small and encouraging hands-on experience and quality interactions. The organizers chose a good central location for the training which was convenient.”
Ong Si Yun, Assistant Manager, Pricing & Product Development, Sentosa Leisure Management

“The trainer is very good and engaging. All content presented was useful and Kexxel Group was very good in their organization of the event plus their follow-up.”
Joost Kruijning, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, DP World

“The speaker was excellent and very knowledgeable. He taught us the ways in which to systematically negotiate. Excellent organizers.”
Mikael Maria Valerio, Vice President, Sales, It & Marketing, AC Corporation

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