Mobile Technology Leader Achieves Another Milestone

Industry-leading courier software provider achieves new milestone in mobile technology

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – For the past 15 years, Datatrac has repeatedly pioneered the use of mobile technology for carriers and shippers. Starting in 1995, its first application for mobile phones (MIDAS) was integrated into the company’s complete logistics solution. Carriers quickly realized how much more efficiently they could operate when using this technology and steady growth in its adoption has continued throughout its evolution toward the current Mobility application.

Growth has been phenomenal throughout this time span and Datatrac empowered carriers have deployed thousands of devices over the years. Every working day, their drivers are utilizing Mobility to process over 80,000 stops or nearly 17 million stops annually! It’s no wonder that Datatrac recently hit a new milestone as its customers pushed past the $4 million mark in the value of mobile phones and handheld computers deployed across the US and Canada.

Garland Duvall, Datatrac CEO, commented on the company’s leadership in mobile technology. “Expedited carriers long ago realized that reliable mobile communications are a vital part of their operation. We’ve achieved this milestone because Datatrac provides a fully integrated, rock-solid solution that carriers can rely upon to get the job done.” Duvall continued, “Successful business owners have made it clear that they simply will not compromise when it comes to their choice of technology.”

As carriers’ needs for mobile data change, Datatrac is poised to continue its track record of innovative leadership. The latest version of Mobility is slated for a September release and will add powerful features to help carriers better deliver the services their shippers require. Whether used for on-demand or distribution jobs, the new version continues the tradition of improved efficiency and reduced operating cost.

The ability to access critical operational data “anytime, anywhere” is rapidly becoming a baseline business requirement. Shippers’ demands for real-time data continue to grow and Datatrac’s cloud-based solution will be one of the keys to success for its independent carrier customers.