RYDE Launches Crowdsourcing Event Transportation Shuttle Company

Selling Individual Seats on Custom Bus Routes Capitalizes on Rideshare Trends and Delivers Ease of Travel to Live-Event Attendees

Online PR News – 30-June-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Coming out of its Beta testing period, RYDE has officially launched its innovative Web application that offers a crowdsourcing transportation service for individuals and groups traveling to live events. The Web application enables per capita seating reservations on luxury motorcoaches to shuttle passengers to events such as music festivals, sporting events, concerts, and other large venue attractions. RYDE’s target markets are event attendees and event producers. Capitalizing on the surge of alternative rideshare transportation solutions and the sharing economy, RYDE creates a fun, safe, affordable, and hassle-free means for event attendees to shuttle from cities located 10 to 300 miles away from an event. Event producers benefit from the ability to extend their sales reach geographically, implement a solution for parking and traffic ingress/egress challenges, and improve the overall customer satisfaction with enhanced logistics. As the company continues to scale, RYDE is currently seeking seed capital to continue to fuel the growth of the company.

“The value proposition to the event attendee and the event owner is both simple and significant as RYDE minimizes the hassle and expense associated with driving to and parking at crowded venues. It’s a frustration that most of us have experienced at one time or another, and our goal is to eliminate this hurdle to attending an event,” stated Brian Allman, Founder and CEO of RYDE. “RYDE extends the overall event experience to the transportation process while allowing like-minded RYDErs to socialize and begin the fun and party atmosphere as they travel to the event. We’re pleased we can help enhance the overall event satisfaction, and our ridesharing also contributes to improved road safety with respect to zero tolerance laws, and reduces the environmental impact of individual cars traveling to the venue,” he added.

RYDE is the hub of the service interface as it contracts with bus operators to procure currently unused inventory, partners with event producers to define specific pain points and facilitate the means of interacting with their event attendees, and interfaces with passengers as a means of enabling them to sign up and pay for individual seats.

Seat reservations are made on RYDE’s easy-to-use website at www.RYDEthere.com. RYDE has engaged Reichart Von Wolfshield as Chief Software Architect for website technology enhancements as well as the creation of a mobile app featuring proprietary social gaming and media interaction. RYDE’s plans include extensive usability and feature enhancement over the coming year.

RYDE’s unique approach is to forge strong partnerships with the event owners, utilizing a marketing framework that enhances an event’s campaign strategy to include travel logistics and customer service. Teaming with event organizers ensures that an event’s business objectives and success factors are met and that RYDE can provide added value, often in the form of increased ticket sales and overall attendee satisfaction.
RYDE has experienced strong initial success with current event partnerships totaling more than 40 music festivals and sporting events such as SnowGlobe Music Festival, Madison House Presents for Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers, PGA TOUR tournaments, SFX’s One Tribe, Backwoods Music Festival, Tall Tree Music Festival, Country Thunder, Sonic Bloom, and five Creation Festivals. Bus operator partnerships are important in that the bus operations are the critical access and ultimate engagement portion of the RYDE experience. The RYDE operating process is to require high standards for the vehicles, drivers, and a level of driver interaction all of which are documented. These standards are repeatable and deliver new lines of revenue.

“We chose RYDE for long distance shuttling for SnowGlobe 2014 to help us address the environmental impact of putting on a large event, and our successful partnership brought nine busloads of fans from the Bay Area up to South Lake Tahoe,” said Chad Donnelly, Founder of SnowGlobe Music Festival. “RYDE brought outstanding customer service, marketing, and communication processes to the table, and we’re signed up for 2015 and looking for even greater participation by our fans.”

Based on event research and feedback, RYDE’s current focus is on music festivals due to its huge segment growth (particularly the explosive growth in the EDM segment), ability to cost-effectively reach the millennial audience, and the resonation of RYDE’s value propositions with this vertical. Brian Allman added, “RYDE reinforces the brand message of a truly fun, social, environmentally-friendly transportation experience that jibes with an event’s goals and messaging. RYDE delivers a green solution as each bus RYDE takes at least 20-35 vehicles off the road.”

“Attending music festivals is my job, and I believe the process and logistics of getting to and from festivals is lagging the growth of the industry,” said Tucker Gumber, Festival Guy and Founder/CEO of festival app FestEvo. “RYDE’s crowdsourcing rideshare service is a great solution for changing the way people view “mass transportation”, making it cool, fun, and safe in light of the party atmosphere at festivals. I took the RYDE bus to SnowGlobe Music Festival last January in South Lake Tahoe and had an awesome time.”

Management Team
The management team at RYDE has extensive domain experience in travel, entertainment, transportation services, and start-up businesses. Brian Allman, CEO, is an entrepreneur with extensive work history in the entertainment, sports, travel, wine, technology, marketing and social gaming fields. Bob Aube, Chief Revenue Officer, has significant experience developing branding opportunities and unique business ventures in the travel, transportation, and sports industries and exhibits. Paul Misso, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer, has a history of executive leadership experience in both large (Intel Corporation) and small (Marquiss Wind Power, Rescue Products) companies. Reichart Von Wolfsheild, Chief Software Architect and Chief Technology Officer, is a technologist, inventor, artist, and futurist. He has vast experience in gaming, Artificial Intelligence, accelerated cross-platform development, and data analytics working for such diverse companies as Disney, Apple, Department of Defense, and Time Warner.

About RYDE
Based in Los Angeles, CA, RYDE is an innovative event transportation software and services company that redefines the process by which attendees get to sporting events, festivals, ski resorts, concerts, and conventions. Delivering a fun, convenient, affordable, and comfortable driving experience without the traffic and parking hassles, RYDE positively impacts the environment by taking at least 20-35 cars off the road for every bus run. For more information, visit www.rydethere.com.