BrickControl Releases New Home Builder Construction Software Online for Remodeling

BrickControl presents its new version of the software in the cloud for managing construction projects.

Online PR News – 30-June-2015 – Los Angeles and San Francisco – BrickControl is a cloud software that allows companies to manage the construction of houses in a very simple way, creating budgets, planning, and monitoring progress of works, allocation of costs associated with the project, job cost control, and economic project control allowing you to see possible deviations and, consequently, to adopt the corrective measures on time.

Nowadays, the building companies need house building software tools to compete effectively in the market. Those tools let companies adjust prices and control the project costs in an effective way, present budgets with a proper estimation, and control deviations that may occur in the execution in a simple way.

Thanks to its cloud technology, BrickControl is an ideal online software for remodeling companies due to its very competitive prices and the flexibility it gives for controlling the works wherever you are and from any device such as Mac, Windows, or tablet.

Advantages of a home builder construction software such as BrickControl:

- It saves time, creating budgets quickly; either by copying and pasting parts from others already created, or by importing them from other programs.

- It allows you to access all project information in real time and from any device (PC, Mac, tablet, phone).

- It allows you to work anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

- Through integration, BrickControl allows you to effectively control the costs of your work and the deviations. Because it is based on comparing the estimated cost of the project depending on the progress of the work with the actual expenses of this work, you are efficiently told if you are making or losing money in real time.

- It automatically generates the project schedule (Gantt) through the structure you've created the project with, calculating the overall duration and resources you need to run it.
BrickControl automatically calculates what you have to charge your customers for each project and will automatically issue certification invoices.

- It allows you to create or import price databases with tasks and resources to quickly create all budgets.

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