Bring Ethics To Education’ Say UK students about the Middle-East

With the newest survey on student immigration, it seems that UK students want their international counterparts to come there are study.

Online PR News – 30-June-2015 – 29-06-2015 Cardiff – UK’s premier education institute announced today, the launch of over 18 new student immigration plans for students from the middle-east, planning on having a new wave of fresh students to enrich UK’s student culture. The announcement came in light of a survey that concluded that international students brought in more work ethic than their native counterparts and UK’s students would love to have them in their environment. The home office was deeply criticized for lobbying against student immigration in the same report, by a major think-tank from a reputed educational institution.

Assakkaf Education Services, which announced these new services has been in the student education industry from the last decade and plan on moving towards growing international student inflow by double this year. The company director was quoted saying that over 65% of the students covered in the survey added a resounding yes to bringing in international students to enliven the education environment which has been growing stale for the past few years.

While UK brings in the second-most largest group of international students after the US, accounting for almost 12% of the student population, it still is way behind in terms of headcount. Higher officials claim that education imports should boost from the current £18 billion to £30 billion in the next 5 years, with the current setup. Prominent educators deny the same and allege further that without international students in the required numbers, the education system costs a lot more than it should to UK’s students. Recommendations from all major institutes comply with the same, urging the government to look into increasing student influx from other countries, helping the institutes manage infrastructural and educational costs more efficiently.

Assakkaf Education Services has announced that it’ll be providing student outreach services for all the students they bring in to help with a smoother transition into UK’s culture and lifestyle. Any help with housing, transport and social situations shall be dealt with by professionals so as not to hamper the students’ education in any manner.

Experts claim that while this will be the best year ahead for international students, costs won’t be expected to come down until 2017. Education in the UK, while is prestigious, costs the most in the world. Come 2017, we expect some education reforms and affordability for international students.