Bubblat.se Have Now Been Launched

The page Bubblat.se is now launched, the page where you find the latest viral news.

Online PR News – 30-June-2015 – Uppsala, SWEDEN – The page Bubblat.se is now launched, the page where you find the latest viral news. The new you just can’t miss is what they aim to publish. But what does ‘viral’ really mean? You can visit Bubblat.se on https://www.bubblat.se

That something, a video or perhaps a news article, has gone ‘viral’ is nowadays an everyday expression, but what does it really mean?

The expression comes from the way in which a virus enters the human body, rapidly spreads and takes hold. It could also be compared to a computer virus, spreading at breakneck speed over the internet. These analogies are fitting descriptions of how a viral video takes hold and spreads on social media, news sites and over email – eventually, it’s impossible to miss.

One might think this is a new phenomenon, but as early as 1996, the animated dancing baby best known from the TV show Ally McBeal spread like wildfire on the internet. Nowadays there are a whole host of examples to choose from, such as ”Invisible Children”, the ”Free Hugs” video or even Gagnam Style.

So determines if something has gone viral? There are two criteria that have to be met. To reach as many people as possible in as little time as possible.

When the expression “to go viral” was coined, a video was considered viral when it reached 1 million hits. These days, however, a video aiming for viral status needs to reach over 5 million hits in just 3 to 7 days.

Naturally, many have realised the value of being able to reach such a large number of people in such a short amount of time. Creating viral videos and news items have become an integral part of digital marketing strategy and is used to market anything from new movies and music to brands and political messages.

For that reason it is important to stay critical towards information presented in viral sources. One has to remember that viral videos and articles can have their own, often hidden agenda.

Bubblat.se will try to fulfil the goal to be big, find that video that becomes a real clicking rocket and follow them on their journey.

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